Five Things I Forget Every Year but Remember When Decorating

  1. I am allergic to Christmas trees. I’m allergic to real ones. I’m allergic to my artificial one. I guess the pain brings a touch of realistically to the whole process.

  2. Christmas tree lights are possessed, particularly Dutch Christmas tree lights which apparently come in loops instead of strings… or at least the ones I have do. Is this normal here or am I just horribly unlucky? Either way, it makes them tangle easier makes putting them on the tree neatly quite a challenge.

  3. Artificial trees are not strong enough to hold heavy stars. They will flop over and fall off and cause quite a bother. Even when you manage to literally tie it on it will, with no warning, decide it fancies going wonky and then the whole balancing act begins again.


  4. Placing baubles is a skill. Too few? Too many? A good spread of colours? They are quite simply never going to behave. Better to invite Dania and Leonoor over because they manage to get a full box of 100 on the tree before I can even make them a cup of tea.

  5. There will be climbing involved and every year I curse the fact that I put on a long skirt that morning. Tables? Desks? Sofas? Bass amps? Precarious stacks of the aforementioned? Anything goes.



All that said, I’ve only broken one bauble (no limbs… yet) so it’s all worth it! Also, no judging for the decorating happening in November. I simply couldn’t wait two more days! I’m a child, I know!


2 thoughts on “Five Things I Forget Every Year but Remember When Decorating

  1. Allergic to both fake and real trees?! I am shocked and have never heard of such a thing. I definitely agree with the ornaments though, so hard to tell when it’s too much, too little and then trying to keeping the same colors apart from one another. Great post !


    1. Apparently so. I’m guessing it’s different things causing the reactions but both seem to do the trick! And despite all the little stresses it’s always worth it! Hope you had a delightful Christmas and Happy New Year 😊

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