Because you can never go to too many gigs.

Over the past fortnight I was supposed to go to three concerts. You may have already read about the amazing Everyday Circus showof about ten days ago. I was then supposed to go to a Wardruna concert but I was sick and couldn’t go. I’m trying to ignore that because I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment. Looking on the bright side, I’m glad that Helene could take my ticket so it didn’t go to waste and that she had a great night! Last night, I went to see Reckless Love, supported by The Treatment in Utrecht.

Actually, I very nearly didn’t make this one as my original gig partner pulled out very last minute. I am certainly very lucky to have some great friends as the lovely Laura agreed to accompany me. I wasn’t exactly happy to travel back alone at one a.m. for obvious reasons so I wouldn’t have been able to go had she not stepped up. And I’m so glad that I got to go with her. I think it’s the first time we’ve had an evening out just the two of us – and it was her first rock gig ever. Seriously, her enthusiasm and interest made the evening all the more special for me. I had so much fun! I feel like I’m writing an ode to Laura right now but I also feel she deserves it so hey!

As for the music, well, I’d listened to The Treatment (facebook | spotify) a little bit and liked what I’d heard but I’d not listened enough to really know them. I think that is going to change, to be quite honest. Their show was incredibly high energy, they were great at getting the crowd involved without it seeming cheesy, and they sounded great too. I bought a CD after the show (and met some of the band but it was so crowded I moved pretty quickly) and I would certainly try and see them again live some time. Oh, and they’re an English band so I’m guessing I might have a chance to do so without to much trouble!

Reckless Love (website | facebook | spotify) came on after a little while and their show was, as always, great. I mean, I’ve not seen them play a bad show even when the odds are against them (I still have great respect for Hessu playing a full show when sick). I don’t think this was the best I’ve seen them – the sound was a bit off and where I was standing I could basically hear very little other than drums, bass, and Jalle’s vocals – but I still had a great time. I also love the fact that after they played Pretty Boy Swagger Laura shouted over at me “This is awesome”. Considering the fact that she’s not a rock fan, I am over the moon that she seemed to enjoy herself.

And, the last part of my Ode to Laura (maybe I should rename this blog post?) is the camera challenge part. So yes, my phone has had a little bit of a breakdown and, after the show when I attempted to get photos with the band, it was not playing ball at all. It completely crashed on the train home and, while I managed to resuscitated it this morning I think it is living on borrowed time. Despite the challenges she managed to get it to take some kind of photo… I’m calling it modern art and, actually, the imperfections make me smile and remember the night more than a perfect shot ever could. Anyway, I know who is in each shot without needing to see their faces, right?


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