Gig Time (Everyday Circus with Zoo Children and The Moods)

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I have been looking forward to this so much. It’s been way too long since my last show and, indeed since the last time I was anywhere with live music (excluding musical theatre…Castlefest, maybe?). I’m also going to be honest and say that this was written on the train back from Eindhoven yesterday after two nights with basically no sleep – I stayed up on Thursday to make a new protective sleeve for my scrapbook page as I made this one a different shape and didn’t think about that until the last minute. Oops. Anyway, that means that this blog post is quite short and only focuses on the gig itself! It also talks about some awesome bands so you should probably check them out.

When I heard that Everyday Circus were going to be playing in Eindhoven, I quickly tried to find someone who would go with me despite the fact that my friends had never heard of them. I was asking for quite a commitment because Eindhoven’s not exactly close. I played Leonoor one of their songs and, a few bars in, she declared that she really liked it. That instant click was kinda what had happened to me when I first heard them too. But anyway, I had my gig partner and the tickets and hotel room were soon booked.

We stayed in the same building as the venue – the Blue Collar Hotel (website | facebook) seems to be a mixed enterprise, combining event venue with restaurant, bar, hotel and hostel. I was genuinely rather impressed. The staff members we encountered were really friendly and accommodating. The room itself was comfortable if a little cold – the window didn’t shut fully but we didn’t mention it as hadn’t realised just how chilly it would get at night. There’s also an industrial theme which, as you can probably guess, wouldn’t be Nora or my chosen aesthetic but it was so well executed that we were both impressed. All in all, I would go to other shows here (if there’s something on) and I would certainly use the hotel if I need to be down this end of the woods again. The event venue itself was also very comfortable. The luxury of there being no need to queue outdoors (it wasn’t busy enough for us to need to queue, in fact), a long bench along one wall for a sit or to dump coats on. Very visitor friendly.

As for the music itself, the first band was Zoo Children (facebook | bandcamp | spotify) who are, according to their facebook, a New Wave/Alt-Rock” band from Eindhoven. Their music wasn’t quite to my taste – I didn’t dislike it but I also didn’t go  and buy their EP. My own personal taste aside, it was clear that there was both talent and passion. Actually I’ll be quite honest with you, as always when writing about shows, I’m listening to their music now and it is growing on me. May well be one of those groups who are best after a few listens!

Following was Everyday Circus (website | facebook | bandcamp | spotify), who were the band we had gone to see and are a rock band from Germany. Their music, in my opinion, has the special quality of feeling familiar and therefore being instantly attractive but novel at the same time. In addition, their music is equally enjoyable in CD form and on stage – they are great live performers and charming people, all.

Closing the evening was The Moods (facebook | bandcamp | spotify). I think it’s safe to say that Leonoor and I both discovered a new to follow band in them. As I’m awful with giving genres to music, their facebook page classifies them as “60’s southern rock”. What I do know is it was great fun music with a great fun performance to match.

Oh and yep, as you may have noticed, I completely forgot to take any photos… well except for one awful selfie for snapchat but that’s not being placed in a permanent public forum!

And now I should probably get on with that essay on Victorian photography that’s due shortly… back to normality, aye?


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