I’m Marginally Older Than I Was Before

Today I got written conformation that I’m not a criminal*, found out that the tax office/government actually owe me money instead, and got given a free cup of tea by the lady in the canteen at university. Today was a good day.

*Disclaimer regarding my criminal status: I’ve actually never been a criminal – there was a huge sequence of paperwork mess ups in the tax office which led to me getting a sequence of scary threatening letters. They verbally admitted it was all their fault almost straight away but I still had the stress of making sure it was all sorted officially. But now it’s sorted and I can relax. Phew.*

Before that I had a good day of a very different sort… my birthday! Actually, I’m not a big fan of birthdays. I much prefer the community spirit of Christmas. That said, having an excuse to eat cake and hang around with my mother and my friends – that’s something I’m not going to turn my nose up at at all!


On Sunday, Leonoor popped over to join us for Sunday lunch as she wouldn’t be able to make it on my birthday proper due to distance and university commitments. I must congratulate her on managing to put up with my running around like a headless chicken trying to do a full roast in my rather poorly equipped kitchen. I don’t have a full oven/hob because there’s not the right plug socket but that’s another story. Besides we all know how hard it is to time a Sunday roast right, right?

On my birthday itself, it was cake with Dania and Sonja in the afternoon, then dinner with my mother in town, then back for cake again, this time with Dania,  Laura, and Thijs.


Somehow we managed to fit the right number of candles on the cakes (that challenge is the best thing about each birthday, I swear it). We managed to get them all lit with minimal burns. Dania managed to blow out the birthday cake candles when trying to blow out the taper (twice!) so she got to make wishes too. And somehow, my blowing them out didn’t set off the highly over sensitive smoke alarm despite the fact that there was quite a cloud of smoke. I think that counts as a success!


So, all in all, I had an absolutely magnificent day. Thank you to everyone who sent me their wishes online or in person. I’m actually still replying to private messages on facebook so sorry if I’ve not thanked you personally yet. It was a wonderful day and I feel so blessed to have been able to share it with such amazing people . Thank you once again.


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