Visiting Viking Market Teylingen

Dear Kaunan and Sowulo, I have a bone to pick with you. Your concerts were such that, now I’m back at my flat, I just want to draw and paint. The issue is, I have an exam tomorrow and really need to study. If I fail I’m holding you lot personally responsible.

All joking aside (and I’m only half joking) yesterday was a truly lovely day. As usual, when I am going to events like this it was a painfully early start, made all the worse by that winter habit of not getting light until goodness knows what hour. I layered on as many shirts as humanly possible and took a spare jumper just in case because there’s been a cold snap over the past few days and heaven knows I didn’t want a repeat of the freezing Glastonbury Medieval Fayre. I decided against taking my camera because my neck’s been playing me up a bit and I wanted to carry as little weight as possible (so this is a photo free post). Then it was on the way to Teylingen Castle for the Viking market, meeting up with Heleen en route.

I have to compliment the event in general. It was quite small but seemed – to a visitor at least – very well organised. Most importantly, it was an exceptionally welcoming group. It was easy to get to by public transport and it’s easy to work out who is traveling to an event like this and join up so you don’t get lost! The market was of a manageable size and there were some good finds. I’m still regretting not buying the almond mead but there we go! Other than that, there was a simple timetable of events meaning that there was basically always something going on but no clashes of interests. For Heleen and me, that meant watching a few of the battle demos (always fun) and listening to the live music. Win win, really.

The music really was a highlight for me, perhaps unsurprisingly. It was refreshing to hear completely acoustic, and unamplified, sets. There’s a totally different kind of energy to the music, a different tone completely. That said, I can see why amplification is handy to hear when you’re more than three rows back! As you may have guessed from the opening of this post, there were two bands playing, Kaunan and Sowulo. LEAF were supposed to play a set but had to cancel which meant that Kaunan played twice. The cancellation was a shame but the double set from Kaunan was not a disappointment.

Aside from providing us with some wonderful music (which has truly left me in the wrong frame of mind for study but oh well) both bands’  sets had the odd comic moment. From Sowulo’s training the audience to pronounce their name – and in chorus on command – through rhyming with “sowieso” to Kaunan’s reactions to a highly authentic Viking plane taking forever to fly overhead while they were tuning (“it’s out of tune”…”da Vinci’s at it again”…”at least it wasn’t a dragon”), both bands seemed to be having a great time. Looking around the audience, it seemed that the ‘good time’ extended to everyone.

I’m not sure if I will be able to attend the next one, for obvious reasons. I don’t even know what country I’m going to be living in, for sure! That said, I would attend again if I am in the Netherlands (or coincide a visit) and would recommend it.

And now I probably should stop using my blog as a procrastination technique and get on with actually studying for that exam tomorrow. Oh, and you may have noticed that I’ve switched across to WordPress now. I had a few people telling me that the blogger site wasn’t working for them very well (e.g. unable to comment) so I’ve decided to give this a go. We’ll see how it works out!

And for more information on  the event and the bands:
Viking Market’s website and facebook page
Kaunan’s facebook page
Sowulo’s website and facebook page
LEAF’s website and faceboook page


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