Adieu Poland (for now)

I’m sat at my gate at Krakow airport. I should be writing an essay for university (amongst other things) but I don’t feel quite ready to go back to the mundane… not right yet. Instead, I’ll write this short post as I’m too tired to write coherently. It’s also without photos. I didn’t take many as my camera hates me and I can’t transfer the ones that I did take until I get home.

So, the summer is basically over and it has been truly magical.

When I first started my first programme with Angloville, I was concerned that I might not be able to help the people I met with their English. I mean, who am I to do that? And now…? Well, I have seen over 100 children blossom in terms of their English and their confidence over this summer. I’m not saying that was my doing – far from it – but I am saying that I feel honoured to have been a part of it.

And I have met so many amazing people from coordinator, volunteer and participant alike. I’m still in awe. Thank you. I can’t name everyone who’s been extra awesome, there are too many of you!

So, instead I shall write a little about Krakow. Firstly, I really like the city. Warsaw was a bit claustrophobic for me with all the tall buildings but Krakow was lovely. There was also a lot to see and do there… I only scratched the surface. I was actually there with my mother a couple of days and we spent so much time just sat in cafés, people watching. It’s that kind of city. Today I did my art history nerding (kindly accompanied by Brian from my Budapest and Krakow camp) and saw Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady with Ermine and also Veit Stoss’ St. Mary’s Altar. I have a particular passion for gothic altarpieces and oh my goodness wow. Also, part is being restored so I’ll have to come back to see it 😉

After that, it was off to the airport with Ginny (an awesome girl from Krakow camp who is a super trooper!) and, after a fair bit of waiting, here I am! I’m so ready to arrive…I think I will fall asleep on the plane…


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