I saw, you saw, we saw Warsaw

Yes, the title of this blog post is the name of a nail polish. No, I’m not wearing it right now but I did buy it last week in Budapest… logic, aye? It was written on Monday the 18th but I only just got it to post because of hotel WiFi issues so it’s a bit out of date. Apparently, airports have better WiFi 😉
So, as you may have guessed, I’m now on the Warsaw leg of my adventure. Warsaw is a city that I had never really planned on visiting and I actually knew very little about it, beyond reputation, and only booked the minimum time there. Admittedly, my time there was influenced by other factors such as my wanting to spend proper time in Budapest and needing to get back to the Netherlands for Castlefest. Anyway, I didn’t really know what to expect of the city.
The flight from Budapest to Warsaw was quite easy once we finally got through check-in. We were there as check-in opened and only just made it to the counter as it closed so that tells you something about the chaos. Seriously, departures at Budapest is my least favourite of all the airports I’ve encountered thus far.
View from the hotel window… not bad at night!
Coming into Warsaw itself we passed quite a few parks and it all felt quite green. The airport is about 15 minutes from the city so that’s super convenient. The city itself? Well, the area I was staying in has an industrial feeling. There are tall tall tower blocks which, after Amsterdam and central Budapest feel quite claustrophobic. It was really overcast too and, while the city can’t be blamed for the weather, it made it all quite grey. I actually stayed on the 25th floor of the Marriott (which I would not  be able to afford elsewhere) and this afforded me quite a good view. That was something that I struggled with… everything is super cheap. I mean, from a selfish standpoint that’s good but, from a realistic point it’s super sad. I mean, economies are artificial constructs and yet they have such impact on people’s lives.
On the Saturday I had a tour round a bit of the old town with my fellow volunteers. We had quite an eccentric tour guide so I feel I have a lot still to discover. The old town is really pretty and I could have easily spent more time there.
In the Old Town
Sunday I finally set off for the next Angloville programme and I’m there as I type. I have free time on the first day when I’m ready to go as opposed to later when I might need it but oh well 😉 This hotel has less to do than the last one but it’s still nice. It’s out in, basically, the middle of nowhere. Whereas last time I had sparrows for company, this time I have mosquitoes. The group is quite a bit bigger than the last programme and I’m still forgetting everyone’s names but it seems like a  lovely group of people so I’m looking forward to the rest of the week!!

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