This time tomorrow…

The bag is packed, the tickets printed and I sit here waiting for my nail polish to dry so that I can go to bed. It can only mean one thing… The Big Trip is on the horizon

I’m feeling a lot of things right now. Excited. Sleepy. Nervous. And that’s before I move on to the millions of thoughts whizzing around my head!

“What if no-one likes me?” 

“What if I get lost and get stuck at the airport forever?” 

“What if my credit card bounces and I can’t pay for my hotel?” 

“Why is it forecast to be forty degrees next week?” 

“Why do I always leave the nail polish until the last minute?”
Okay, now being realistic, I doubt everyone I meet is going to take an instant dislike to me… I’m travelling with a map and have two alternative methods of payment. It’s not the first time I’ve traveled and not the first time I’ve visited Budapest – far from it – but it is the first time I’ve traveled alone. I actually couldn’t predict how nervous I would be about that. I mean, I know it will be fine and I am excited but seriously… eep! Talk to me tomorrow and I’ll seem a bit less of a moaner because, frankly, I’ll be left with nothing but excitement (I hope!)
As for the other two questions…. I don’t know why it has to be so hot or how I’ll manage with it but, y’know, could be worse! Gives an excuse to hold English ‘classes’ in the swimming pool, right? And, as for the nail polish? Well, I guess I never learn!!

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