The Closing of Year Two

Well, if one ignores politics, the last week has been quite lovely. The intensive period came to a close and, I can safely say this now that it’s over, I actually enjoyed it this time. Got to say that is completely down to my partners in crime (a.k.a. my class mates) who were both great moral support and great fun. Got to admit that our post-exam lunch was the highlight for me – you know, no work – but they were awesome throughout. And somehow I managed to take no photos… I have let myself down! Anyway, I managed to get an A grade for German which I am so happy with. I actually got an A for the speaking which is amazing considering last year I basically failed that part. Immensely grateful to my class and teacher for their enabling in that regard.

I then had a few days to attempt to catch up with friends and socialise a bit before leaving. I failed to see half the people but I did go to The Hague with Leonoor on Saturday to look at a potential apartment and visit a wonderful paper and bookbinding shop. I’d bought from them online before but oh my goodness, the shop is a treasure chest. We also found an amazing bookshop. I was kinda lucky that the pound had plummeted as it was a good motivation to not buy everything! We were joined by Ryan for a drink in the evening and it was thoroughly delightful.
We did also eat, in my defense!
Sunday was equally lovely as Dania, Leonoor and I headed into the centre of Amsterdam for brunch at one of our favourite places. As it was a celebratory brunch we might have decided that cocktails were in order. We had planned to go shopping afterwards as I had quite a lot to get for the summer trip but, let’s put it this way, I didn’t manage to get much shopping done afterwards!
And then it was back to England. I’m here for just over a week and I have so much to do before my month (!) on the road. Seriously, I have so much to pack into the next week. Today, for example, I had my trial with contact lenses and the weird lesson of how to put them in and take them out. Really excited that I won’t have to choose between seeing the stage and taking photos/protecting my glasses when at events but my eyes are feeling it now!
So yep, enjoying my not so relaxed time with my parents before the complete insanity of the summer really gets underway. Who am I kidding?I’m so excited… and maybe a bit nervous too 😉

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