Oh look, another smush post!

Featuring: University blegh (as always), a bit about Venice and a touch of Bosch.
As you may well have garnered from the title, this is going to be one of those all over the place, rambling posts whereby I say vaguely what’s been going on without the use of (m)any pictures… and we all know that’s the interesting bit! Anyway, I’ll try to keep it short!
The last few weeks have been completely and utterly insane in terms of workload. I’ve struggled quite a bit to keep on top of things and, so far, have managed. I’m also trying to get ahead – and managing thus far – because next week I’m going away and I refuse to do any work during that time! I submitted three essays in two days over the weekend and have another three to submit before the end of the week. It’s a self imposed deadline but one I really want to stick to. Of course, I’m sat here typing instead of being all academic and stuff! Then, after spring break I have a few exam icks to get through but, other than that, I will just have to focus on reading the set texts for classes. Hopefully, this will give me a few weeks where I can obsessively study for the German intensive in June because, frankly, I am terrified about it. Emphasis there to show that I am in no way exaggerating my genuine feelings.
That said, before I go on to face the terrors that late May and June may hold I have the wonders of next week which is spring break. So excited.
So, for my vaguely significant birthday last year my mother decided to impulse book me a trip to Venice. Seriously. Anyway, almost a year after booking, the trip has finally rolled around and I’m going to be off there next week (with the mother, of course). I actually visited Venice a few years ago – okay, when I was about 12 so more than a few years ago – but, since starting to study art history, I’ve really wanted to return and see it all again ‘knowing’ what I’m seeing. And yes, I may well dig a few old photos out over the next couple of blog posts. My camera was really poor then so the photos are grainy but it’s amazing how much of a “Muuuuuuum… do I really have to pose on this bridge/by this piece of architecture/with this food?” feeling I give off even at that tender age!! You also start to realise where I got my “You will pose for this photo” outlook from 😉

Prizes to anyone who realises that I still own and wear that roll neck top!

Anyway, the past aside, I’m not going to upload photos to Facebook/write blog posts until I get back and, even then, I would expect some delay because of general life chaos. I’ll try to upload a couple of decent shots to my Instagram while I’m out there and keep Snapchat updated with silly/food photos WiFi permitting. I’m aware that I’m going somewhere a few of my friends wanted to go so I have to rub it in keep them in the loop  😉

And then, when I get back to the Netherlands I am going to catch the amazing Bosch exhibition. Super excited because he is seriously one of my favourite artists and I really had to fight to get tickets – they kept selling out. Going to be exhausted by the end of the week but I am going to have so many amazing new memories so no complaints… and a lot of scrapbooking to do, no doubt!

So, until then!

If you are wanting to stalk me in Venice or just socialise generally through the visual medium then my username on both Snapchat and Instagram is oiahavanah


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