I didn’t want a relaxing summer anyway!!

It’s all getting a little too real now! The other night I finally sat down and booked all the flights for my teaching thing in the summer.
Other than insurance they’re the only part of the course that I have to fund but trust me, they were still quite the investment. But investment is the right word because, not only am I getting to learn new skills, but I’m getting to travel.
Actually, I’m going to be joined by my mother for a fair bit of this summer’s travels. I managed to talk her into coming to Budapest for a few days after my placement there ends. She’s wanted to revisit but various factors have meant she couldn’t so this time I worked extra hard at convincing her. I also managed to talk her into coming to Castlefest again – something she enjoys but was thinking about not doing. And then she wanted to visit Krakow, where I have my final placement, so we’re going to do a bit of touristing beforehand. And that’s without mentioning our trip to Venice in about a month which is my belated birthday celebration.
I am super pleased that I get to travel with my mother again because it’s been way too long. However, to be honest, I’m also pleased for another reason. I was absolutely terrified about traveling alone. I’ve traveled since before I can remember but the idea of going to a brand new place all alone and exploring solo… I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet. 
So, the long and short of it is, this summer is going to be quite the adventure!
Also, if you’re wanting to meet up with me when I’m in England you should probably write to me sooner rather than later because I’m only there for a couple of weeks this time.
Who says university holidays are for relaxing? 😉
Not for facebook

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