Easter in England

It’s been a while so, as you can imagine, this post is likely to be a bit of a mixed bundle. In short, I’ve been super busy with deadlines and, therefore, have been avoiding anything unrelated. I’ve actually been in England for the last week too so every moment that isn’t university related has been spent with family or friends. Or sleeping. Or in the bath. I really hate showers. Anyway, that aside!
The other day I managed to go to another gig. I’d wanted to catch Tracer when they played in the Netherlands but, sadly, the venue was really tricky to get back from (and Thijs was boring and wouldn’t go with me!) so I figured I’d have to give them a miss. Then I saw they were playing Exeter – the area I grew up in – on Good Friday when I would just so happen to be in the country. I somehow bullied my best friend into coming with me despite not knowing them.
I had planned on meeting up with Aimee a fair bit before hand and we had both planned individually (although we never discussed it!) to get cocktails before the show. Annoyingly, I spent the entire day stuck in traffic and was super, super late. Seriously, you fly over from Amsterdam and it’s the journey through Bristol that causes issues! That aside, I think we had an awesome evening!
So, my usual ramblings about the music…
The first warm up was actually a band that I’d stumbled across a couple of weeks ago (max) and been pretty much chain listening to since, Everyday Circus. They’re quite a new band from Germany and their music has a really beautiful rock sound. It’s got that edge that makes it stand out. I found out that they were supporting Tracer early on Thursday morning – coincidences do happen! They didn’t let down with their live performance either and I will certainly be keeping an eye on further concerts. I will talk more about them in a moment.

#Exeter! You guys were awesome ❤️now #offto #aufnach #southampton #talkingheads #wftdtour it’s gonna be the last show of…
Posted by Everyday Circus on Saturday, 26 March 2016

The second warm up – the band that I thought was the only warm up until a couple of days before – was Federal Charm. I’d had a quick listen to their music before seeing them, as I always try to, and I’d liked it well enough but I was generally underwhelmed. There was nothing that really caught my attention. However, live… oh my goodness what a show! There was a great energy, the music was great the musicians super talented and it was generally good fun… I’ve yet to try re-listening to the CDs – maybe I just wasn’t in the right mindset when I tried before. Either way, I loved their set and would see them again without a moment’s doubt.

Exeter thanks for making our 3rd visit to your kind city amazing. You were unbelievable tonight. We hope to see all you…
Posted by Federal Charm on Friday, 25 March 2016

And then on to Tracer – the reason I went to the show. Unsurprisingly, they were quite wonderful. You know a band is high energy when the front row moves several feet back from the front of the stage during the first song in order to ensure they don’t get hit over the head with a bass guitar neck! I’m pretty sure I’ve already commented on the fact that Tracer is made up of very talented musicians who also happen to be lovely people, from the little I’ve spoken to them, so I won’t go into that here. It was, as I’ve mentioned, Aimee’s first time seeing the band and she was singing along by the end so I think that went pretty well.