A Very, Very Happy Havanah

featuring daytime drinking, talk of deadlines, and good news!

As I type I am curled up in my fluffiest dressing gown nursing a cup of tea. Yes, I have multiple dressing gowns and I save this one, as the newest and the cuddliest, for the specialist of occasions. Okay, now I’ve hyped things up a bit too much but there we go, I couldn’t resist.
In town today: Dania chooses to take selfies the
second I put a spoon of ice-cream in my mouth

So, over the last few months I’ve been trying to find a volunteer project/internship that I can work on in order to fulfill one of my graduation requirements. It’s been really difficult because, ideally, it should link with my major and finding a placement that is English and relates to literature in the Netherlands is tricky. Finding a placement in the UK that will take you for just a month but full time, even harder. Volunteer work is more flexible because it doesn’t have to fit in with your major but rather benefit the local and global community. The problem is, I didn’t want to do something that I wasn’t passionate about. I don’t want to volunteer for a cause I don’t agree, more likely, with or with a charity that I feel doesn’t really prioritise the needs of its target group.
Anyway, you might recall me saying that I thought I had something up my sleeve in the last few posts and, I’ll be quite honest with you right away, it came to nothing. The placement would have been great and would have fitted my degree perfectly. The organisation, however, was awful. Having asked me to fill in loads of different application forms (because they asked for the wrong ones to start with), spoken with me on the phone, collected references from me etc, and after weeks of waiting on a reply… they told me the role wasn’t actually a real role – the website was wrong. They wanted me to go back to square one so they could “start to process my application”. We’re talking about two months on from when they should have started. Anyway, I gave up on that. It’s not worth the stress.
A little disheartened, I trawled the internet for something else and, while I didn’t really find anything promising, I did find something.
Visits to Hard Rock Café’s are more
than justified in these situations.
To cut a very long story short, I applied for a teacher training program and for a scholarship too and, much to my surprise, I actually got offered it the other day. So, as of a couple of days ago, alongside my degree, I have been starting the process of language teacher training. I will also spend a lot of the summer in various observed placements in central Europe where I will teach children between the age of 12 and 19. I have to fund my own travel to the placements (so there are a few flights to book) but other than that all training and accommodation/board is funded. I’m completely overwhelmed and completely over the moon too. I feel like this is a real opportunity to get some practical qualification alongside my, lets face it, academic to the useless degree but fascinating nevertheless degree. I’m terrified but so excited.
The only person, other than my parents, who knew that I was applying for this was Dania. Each time I mentioned it to her she kept saying: “You should do this!” Even when I was in the process of applying and had no control over whether I was going to be accepted or not, she acted like it was my indecisiveness that was stopping it from being a certainty!! Her faith in me made me feel so confident and valued though ❤
Naturally, Dania and I decided that we had to go out and celebrate today so, for the second time in my life it was gin cocktails for lunch. In all fairness, it was also a rather large meal and, several hours later, I am still completely full. The ice-cream on the way back was probably not so sensible either!
Anyway, I have already rambled on long enough and I have a delightful (note sarcasm) deadline for my academic writing course tonight so I should probably go and attack it! I’m actually done but that final proof read has to be thorough!

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