Holding on until this week is over

This is just an exceptionally quick post, written in panic, as my German exams approach. I’ll start by saying that I’m pretty sure that I will pass… but as you know, I need to do a bit better than that and, to be honest, I’m feeling the pressure.
Tomorrow I’m presenting, in German and in front of my class, and that’s something that terrifies me. Add to that the fact that it’s examined. Urgh.
And then Friday we have the Final Exam of Final Examness. I managed to scrape an A- (quite literally by 0.2 %) in the last exam so I’m not too hopeful about this one. The only thing that’s keeping me slightly positive about it all is the fact that, apparently, my grade was the third highest in the class. Considering I’m mentally rating myself as one of the worst in the class… it seems that I am being too harsh on myself. That said, I still need to get a good tangible mark… Oh grades how I hate thee!
Other than that, I’ve been attempting to arrange a community project/internship for university (we have to do a full time, four week placement to graduate) and I might have found something. Nothing is confirmed at the moment so I’m really not counting chickens but I am currently filling in my second application form and both people I’ve spoken to sound quite hopeful. Seriously though, this placement is super exciting so I do hope that I get it…! If not, I’m going to be panic looking, I can tell you that!
Anywho, there will be more posts soon and they will be a lot more interesting and a lot more optimistic than this one! Oh, and I will also reconnect my blog to facebook because apparently it’s decided to disconnect itself… but until then

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