Belated Birthday Party

“I never want to see another cake”

For the majority of last weekend, and the beginning of this week, I was frantically baking with one event in mind. I felt my sanity wearing away. Dinner was frequently cake off-cuts. Tuesday evening came and it was all so worth it.
I have the best friends ever, you know.
The day before the get together saw Leonoor and I running around town grabbing last minute buffet food and, more importantly, perhaps, bubbly wine. We then came back and started setting up the room ready for the evening itself. I’ve got to admit that, considering we started with a completely empty room, it looked pretty cosy by the time we’d finished with it. Dania and Leonoor’s trek through the rain to collect balloons the day before had paid off.
I think it’s pretty safe to say that Sonja was rather happy when she arrived. I’m not quite sure what she was expecting but I hope we lived up to expectations!
After food, it was Leonoor and Dania’s turn to surprise both of us, coming into the room with streamers and coordinating tiara’s for Sonja and me. Sonja somehow managed to get rid of hers part way through the evening, something I didn’t quite manage! As usual when streamers and my lot are concerned, chaos reigned for a period of time 😉
We then did the great ‘gift exchange’ which was really special, got to be said. Sonja is going to make me dinner and wrote me the most touching letter imaginable. Laura made a cushion which both fits into the colour scheme of my room and has my initial on it. Leonoor and Dania combined to buy the most stunning quill. While gifts aren’t something that I would consider important, the fact that each of my friends gave me something so very personal was something that I found thoroughly touching. Oh, except for Thijs, he forgot! (Love you Thijs!!!)
After that, it was cake cutting time. As it was both our party, and the cake looked a bit like a wedding cake (oops!), we used the opportunity to take some ‘romantic’ wedding cake shots… you’d have done the same!
It was, without doubt a delightful evening for all the above reasons but, more importantly, because of the company. Various friends popped in and out through the evening adding their own special touch to the happenings. Sonja and I having a casual sing and then Sonja singing us all the most stunning lullabies. It was relaxed, good fun, perfect. Pretty sure this is where I would use that untranslatable Dutch word… if I could pronounce the thing!!! 

2 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Party

  1. Sounds absolutely delightful. Hang onto those friends as they are the best. They should hang onto you for the same reason. Happy Belated Birthday.


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