I’m too young to be 21!

Credit where credit is due, the title is courtesy of something The Best Friend said a little while back but with which I can connect on a deep level!
Liquid lunch in Hooray’s 
I’ve actually always hated my birthdays. I mean that pretty literally too, even as a child I dreaded them. I don’t like the fact that they mark the passage of time in such a final way. The day before is the last day of a whole year while the day itself is just a continuation of time, in my mind. Weirdly, I don’t have this problem with new year…
However, no matter how much I dislike the idea of birthdays in their own right, I do rather like the fact that I get to do special things.. This year was extra special for me because my birthday feel on the Saturday, thus ensuring that I could indeed go home for the first time this semester. My parents met me with a banner as I came through arrivals which was sweet but also my personal idea of hell. I just don’t know how to respond in those situations but I’m pleased that they did it nevertheless and my room is looking rather festive with the banner strung between the book cases.
At The Fish, and yes, that is a
‘Foxy Lady’ to the right of the image!
As for the day of my birthday itself, I chose to go into Stratford-upon-avon because, to put it frankly, it’s a lovely town and quite easy to kill time in, and in the most pleasant of ways. I also wanted to get a few books from the Royal Shakespeare Company shop. The latter idea didn’t work out quite as well as I’d hoped because they hadn’t got what I was looking for in stock but still got some fascinating looking reads so there’s no real complaints there.
I also have to admit that I have found what may well be one of the best ice-cream shops ever, Hooray’s on the High Street. Seriously, Dania would have been thoroughly in her element. Also worth checking out their cocktail menu… lunch time drinking is perfectly acceptable on such occasions!
Naturally, I also went out for dinner with my parents. We went to a place called The Fish which is quite seriously one of the nicest places I know. The decoration is super quirky, or just plain odd, and the food is simply divine. Not to mention the staff who are lovely.
And then it was home for cake!

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