"Just Popping to Germany"

Last weekend I ignored the many deadlines and exams looming and traveled to Essen to see Faun play one of their extra Luna tour shows. It was a bit of an irresponsible idea but, having missed them at Castlefest because of being stupid and ill, I decided it was worth it. My big exam was today and I didn’t feel totally out of my depth so all’s well that ends well, right? 😉
Anyway, back to Essen.

I’m a very happy scrapbooker right now!

Actually, if I’m going to see show that’s touring round Germany, I’ll try to see it in Essen. It’s a lovely little city in many ways. For me, it’s great that most people don’t speak a lot of English but are patient and really keen to successfully communicate so I get to practice my crappy German without feeling that I’m inconveniencing anyone. I suppose that comes from it not being too much of a tourist hub. It’s also comfortable because I’ve found a nice, affordable hotel about a block away from the theatre.
And now comes the really, really hard bit, attempting to tell you about Faun’s concert. Sometimes, well most of the time, it’s difficult to find the words to describe a concert. Sure, I’ve learned to do it academically and, I’m sure if I thought about it, I could tell you a lot of little theatre/literature style analyses but that’s not the soul of a performance. 
To cut a very long story short, it was amazing. To be honest, even now, a few days on, it’s all still a bit of a blur! There are moments, naturally, that stand out. The memory of the opening, with sudden loud drums making my mother, and most of the audience, jump sky high, still makes me laugh, for example. And I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to “Walpurgisnacht” without hearing an over enthusiastic audience singing along!

DANKE ESSEN / THANK YOU ESSENVielen Dank wir hatten einen wunderbaren Samstag Abend mit Euch und auch die anschließende…
Faun are one of my favourite bands; every member is actually quite special, and thoroughly talented, which leads to an all round strength that you don’t see in a lot of groups. Rüdiger’s drum solo has to stand out though – I mean, it’s amazing to hear what can be done by, effectively, ‘just’ hitting a bit of stretched material. I’m still not quite sure how it was possible! Add to the already wonderful mix a couple of marvelous guest musicians, Efrén López and Maya Fridman, and you have a wonderful musical company.

Something else that I really did like about the show was the way in which it combined theatrics, assisted by the mesmerising dancers Yulya Ayuna Kholeva and  Masha Shushera, with just ‘pure’ music. There were some songs that were big and all encompassing and then there were other times, like the small set after the interval, when acoustic style music was allowed to shine. This ebb and flow meant that the show was effective in every moment.

To be honest, I could go on in this rambling fashion for quite some time but that’s no fun for anyone and doesn’t do it justice either so I shall stop.

Something else more than worth mentioning is the signing table moment after the show. It saved me waiting around in the cold to get my scrapbook painting signed – something that is more appreciated than you will ever know. Oh, and it has to be said that the members of the band were even kinder than they are talented, and that’s one of the biggest compliments that I could pay.


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