Back in Amsterdam at last

A week today and my best friend will be out in Amsterdam. At last, we will be reunited for more than a couple of hours as I am kidnapping her she’s chosen to visit me for a week. I can’t quite put into words my unbelievable excitement about this fact. Aimee is someone I grew up with, a part of my family and, frankly, it’s about time she got to see Out Here. I’m sure you’ll hear much more about that soon enough but this is supposed to be a blog post about things that have already happened, right? It’s not like there hasn’t been a lot happening!

As you’re no doubt aware, due to the crazily short holidays here compared to back in England, I am once again in Amsterdam and am part way through my first week of my second year at university. ‘Second year’ of university sounds way more advanced than I currently feel so I’m pretty pleased I took time out before starting else I think I would have felt even more overwhelmed!

I’ll probably put up a post giving a bit about my classes at some point in the next few days but I’ll stop it from going on facebook so if you’re interested in that then check back here in a little while!

Sonja’s semi-posed photo from pancake-meet up. I’ll give you a clue,
the two of us smiling awkwardly were the posed ones!

Aside from classes,  it’s been great to be back. I’ve managed to meet up with my main little group a couple of times although I’ve been neglecting a lot of people and that really does need to change. I’ve also found out that some messages I’ve sent over the past few months haven’t sent so I need to work out who I’ve been unknowingly ignoring! Oh and I probably should study a bit.

But I digress…

Yesterday, probably deserves a special mention as the pancake themed meet up. The wonderful Sonja, who seems to have got better at hiding from my camera again over the summer, made us all pancakes and we sat and chatted for a while, just catching up on stuff that had happened while we were apart.

Dania’s Pancake, created by Sonja.
Seems to sum both giver and recipient up nicely!

Other than meeting up with some friends, and with plans to catch up with some more, I’ve spent a fair amount of time rearranging my flat. It’s a complete mess right now, partly because I’ve pulled out a lot of papers in attempts to clear some desk drawers, partly because I’ve brought over a lot of (beautiful) scrapbooking materials, and partly because I still need to assemble my new IKEA bookcase because one was never going to be enough for me. It’ll keep me busy over the next few days, for sure!

All in all, it’s strange but good to be back. I’m currently in that weird state of feeling like I’ve never been away but also feeling like everything’s quite new again. I guess, I’ve not really been alone for two months and now I’m in my own flat once more. I’ve not had a structured work schedule and suddenly I have hundreds of pages to read a day. And let’s not mention the early mornings! It’s great but it is undoubtedly odd!

Here comes trouble!


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