A long awaited get-together

It’s been a bit of a time since I last saw the lovely Gemma, out in Amsterdam, so today was a long awaited reunion, this time in Birmingham. 
After driving around for about twenty minutes, fighting with road closures and bus lanes, I managed to make it to the station where we were due to meet. We met up quite easily after that although, sadly, Mark was unable to join us as planned. I mean, how dare he get ill!

I’ve never really got used to Birmingham having moved to Amsterdam pretty quickly after my parents moved here so it was down to Gemma to look after me for the day. I’ve spent time here, of course, but as a child and, later, as a casual visitor.

We started the day being the tallest people in the Disney store which was, quite frankly, rather fun. Having studied Disney in rather negative lights at university (thanks Dan!), it’s taken me a while to enjoy the more fun aspects again. I mean, it is tacky and commercial but it’s also childhood, for better or for worse. Also, lets be honest, the cuddly toys are really rather cute. Mindful of the fact that anything I bought had to fit alongside my other stuff in the suitcase to go back home, I was exceptionally good and only bought one Alice in Wonderland themed mug in there. What can I say, mugs are my weakness… must be something to do with their link to tea…

Thanks to Birmingham Art Gallery for not disguising this supermarket
bought oil, included in their ancient oil lamp display. Had me in hysterics!

Talking of which, after lunch we went round the art gallery which, to be honest, is really rather awesome. It’s the one part of the city I know my way around. It’s a small-ish gallery when you compare to some of the major galleries but it has an exquisite collection. Its Pre-Rafaelite rooms are probably a highlight, particularly for me as it’s one of my favourite stylistic movements. It also houses much of the Staffordshire Hoard which is the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon metalwork to have been found. Actually, that exhibition is especially strong with extra information about the discovery, restoration as well as historical information and activities for children. Gemma was instantly drawn to the dressing up box but, you know, who could blame her!

We rounded off what was an all round delightful day with tea in the gallery’s Edwardian tearooms. Who can honestly say they could resist tea with mini scones?

Aaaand we didn’t get one photo together… idiots that we are!!!


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