Castlefest 2015

“I wasn’t at the festival because I was very sick but, when I was there, I was trying to make Dafni dance” 
-Havanah’s Castlefest according to Dafni 

From left to right, Heleen, Dafni, me.

This year’s post isn’t going to be quite the same size as those in previous years. I usually try and comment on every aspect of Castlefest and the bands I saw in order to satisfy my obsessive documentation needs. This year, there isn’t so very much to say. I managed to get food poisoning (as did my poor mother) which meant that Castlefest was rather short for us both. We managed to go for part of Saturday although we left early and did little, and most of Sunday, although both of us were still pretty weak. We’re not buying from that shop ever again!!!

I had planned to see quite a few different bands, with time to lurk around and look at the various things around and about. I had also planned to camp but, at 1 a.m. on the Thursday night it became quite clear that wasn’t going to happen. After several hours feeling exceptionally trapped and sorry for myself with only twitter for company, I finally gave in and called a taxi. It was the right decision considering, as soon as I got to the hotel, I was really ill. It was the most expensive taxi ride of my life and also the one that I am most pleased I chose to take!

So, it was Saturday afternoon before I made it to the festival grounds and, to be honest, I only managed to catch a couple of bands that day and mainly sat around one of the stages. By the afternoon I was pretty dead and, much to my annoyance, I had to leave before the evening started. No wicker man, no Cesair main stage (although I did manage to see them the next day, indeed it was the only show I actually managed to stand for!), no Faun. I was pretty upset over missing Faun but I am pretty sure I’m going to see them in Essen to make up for it so all things balance out, I suppose. I can’t make up for missing Dafni see her favourite band for the first time but there we go!

Cesair’s Sunday set: The one show I actually managed to photograph properly!

I did manage to watch Rastaban with Dafni and attempted to force her to join in a bit… hey, someone needs to be that annoying friend who attempts to coerce participation. I attempted to continue my Dafni training at home when ‘Arise’ played on the CD to cries of “here we go again!”

The other highlight for me would have to be when I went to get my scrapbook painting signed by Finvarra and they were totally overwhelming in their kindness. Still can’t get over how lovely they were, particularly when those paintings are, as far as I’m concerned, my little hobby for myself and nothing special at all. It was the last moment of the weekend for me and, quite frankly, it made it for me.

Photo taken from Finvarra’s facebook page 🙂

I didn’t take many photos this year for obvious reasons but the few I did take can be found on my facebook page, as always!


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