Lack of routine leads to boring blog posts but to happy Havanahs

Ah, the freedom of the last weeks has allowed me to reacquaint myself with so many old friends… sleep… art… music… Aimee…
I also seem to have made some new friends as my shower gel (or that’s what we think it must be) seems to attract moths. Seriously, I spend most evenings covered in moths and my mother has to get them off of me before I sleep so I don’t squash them. I don’t mind… it’s quite flattering really!
You may call me the Moth Queen 😉
All that aside, I think I’ve been quite noticeably absent from my normal channels of communication. I’ve been avoiding facebook (not actively but it’s happened), I’ve not been logging onto Skype because even when I have the computer on the keyboard is generally too far away for me to type, I’ve let my phone run out of charge rendering that pretty useless. Okay, I’ve now recharged my phone as I’ve decided to end my self imposed, and oh so blissful, retreat.
It has been lovely to be free to dictate my own schedule and not to feel the overbearing press of deadlines and “I must get this A grade”. In the first few days at home I probably painted etc for all the hours that weren’t spent sleeping or eating. It was as though there was a real backlog! 
Sitting under a parasol in the middle of nowhere.
It’s a hard old life.
I have also, quite naturally, been spending a fair bit of time with my parents which has been… interesting. I’m really close to my family but, as anyone who has met my father will confirm, he is quite excitable… to say the very least. Well, he’s been excited to have me home – which is lovely – but that also means he’s extra bouncy. It’s like having a human shaped puppy bouncing around most of the time!
Catching up with people has also meant bugging the best friend in Cardiff where she is now working seven days a week. The insane girl. We only got to have one day together – her one day off of the summer – but she’s going to come and see me in Amsterdam in September so we’ll be together for a week or so then. Read that Aimee? It’s in black and white now so there’s no backing out now!
More recently, I’ve been translating again and I have cleared a great deal in that regard. I have to say that, with those couple of weeks of German lessons, I have found my speed of translation much improved. It’s not that I couldn’t do it before but now, knowing some of the basic grammatical rules, which I may have either fumbled through or completely missed previously, I know what to look for and it is so much easier. 
I’m thinking about focusing on language learning over the next few weeks as I still have a few languages on my ‘to learn’ list. Also need to get round to seriously brushing up on French, having not spoken it in coming up to three years – oh my!

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