End of the semester and home!

Well, this post is the first of what will undoubtedly become a fair few to be written in England. That’s right, I’m home and it is lovely to be back.
But, since my last incredibly rambling post a little bit has happened so lets attempt to do this in some logical order! As I mentioned, I went to pick my mother up from the airport on Saturday evening. The plan was to explore the Netherlands a bit before I returned home but, suffice to say, that didn’t work out as I managed to get (if that’s the right word) tendonitis in my foot again. So yep, I spent the last half a week sitting with my foot in the air doing basically nothing… actually quite nice if a little frustrating.
Anyway, it also meant that my picking up my mother from the airport was pretty tricky and I was quite lucky in the fact that Leonoor went with me to assist. Weirdly, my mother’s flight got in half an hour ahead of schedule… which is really strange when you realise the flight is usually only 50 minutes or so.
Mother also brought over a suitcase full of stuff from back home, bit of non-perishable food for next year and some of the stuff that I’ve ordered to the UK to save on shipping costs. Can you blame me? Anyway, one of those things is a print of a drawing that I’ve wanted for a long while by The Picsees, called Sleepy Time. The idea just really fit with my own outlook on life and I knew I had to buy it. It had, sadly, sold out at the time I was able to buy it but, with some lovely conversations via facebook, I was able to get my print. Really rather happy about that!
Even the packaging of the print was lovely. An all round wonderful service.
The week itself, other than a brief foray to the cafe down the road with the lovely Maria, was spent in my flat with my mother. We watched a lot of films (The East was one that we both really enjoyed and would recommend) and lurked a bit. It was relaxing and enjoyable even if I felt so guilty not to be able to show her around as planned. Nothing I could do but all the same!
No prizes for guessing how we made
up for our inability to go out!

And then today it was time to fly back home. We had a right old time getting to the airport as, even in the early morning the heat and humidity made for an intense experience. Not to mention the fact that I was bringing a lot of breakable heavy hand luggage home for the summer… well, we made it but I’m not sure either of us knew quite how we did!
The airport was chaotic, as normal, it seems. However, everyone seemed to be in a really good mood. Even the security people were chatty. Mind you, I have never been so happy for a broken violin string as I was when going through security because I was seriously pressurised to play. So lucky I had an excuse… and didn’t mention the whistles 😉

Proud that we got this the airport without resorting to a taxi.
We regretted not resorting to a taxi!

I also had some glorious news at the airport in terms of my German grade. I was waiting on my portfolio grade – so basically a varying load of written coursework – and I was, shall we say pleasantly surprised. When you bear in mind how awful I felt it was all going at points… well, I’m over the moon. Pretty sure that all my grades are in for that subject now so I’m pretty sure I’ve got my A grade overall. The A grade is significant as I need a 4 GPA, including all years of the degree, in order to apply for the course I want to go onto. It basically means I need an A, minimum, in every subject which is a hellish pressure but 100% worth the work if it gets me where I want. I seem to have managed it last year… I can say that now it’s the summer!

But back to today:
The flight itself wasn’t overly pleasant. The flight was over booked and staff were overly stressed and it was a bit of a mess. There was a large group of unaccompanied children on the flight too which I think was putting some pressure on the cabin crew. Mind you, as I tried to leave the plane I got really seriously told off by the one woman who’d been so rudest for whole flight. She was telling me off for moving from my seat because someone was “coming to collect me”… took me a moment to realise she somehow thought I was part of the under-14 group (how!?) but her embarrassment when I said that I was an adult was kinda worth it! We both ended up having a bit of a laugh about it in the end and hopefully she will think twice about being rude even when under pressure because she seemed quite nice when, well, embarrassed!
Anyway, I got home, ate a beautiful dinner out in the garden with my parents and then sat down and painted. I’ve started preparing my Castlefest scrapbook because I know that takes me some time. I’m also expecting my Budapest photos to be coming any day now so that’s another full scrapbook to be made and assembled. Holidays and festivals take so much time but I never regret the scrapbooking habit!

Anywho, this got a fair bit longer than I had planned! Off to bed with me! It’s midnight back home and I’ve had a long old day 😉


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