I’m free! I’m free! I’m free!

Oh my! What is this strange feeling of euphoria?
Eating ice-cream and pretending we’re back on holiday holiday.
Yesterday, despite having a lovely raging temperature the day before, I sat my final exam of German and walked out into the world of (temporary) liberty. Due to the lucky fact that most of ‘my’ German group finished the exam at the same time we decided to have a celebratory drink (of iced tea… pushing the boat out!). I’ve been incredibly lucky with my German class and with my teacher as both have been so supportive and lovely. While I may not like the intensive period very much, I can safely say that this has been one of my favourite classes in a lot of ways.
Of course, I’ve also finished my first year at university which is weird as anything. In some ways I’m glad it’s summer… in others it’s strange. My friends are going to be jetting all over the place, or they’re staying here but I’m not.
Dania steals Leonoor’s phone to take a photo of me cleaning dirt off
Leonoor. Mothering the world as always 😉
Dania, Leonoor and I, as the only ones who are here right now, managed to get into town for the day which was nice although, to be quite honest, I’m still fighting off illness and have managed to injure my foot so I’m both in pain and out of it. In fact, I think I’m going to say that this post is not for facebook and saved just for my ‘loyal fans’ because heaven only knows it’s rambling!
Oh, and even better – I’m going to pick the mother up from the airport in a few. So excited!

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