A quick checking in post about next to nothing!

Dragging myself out of bed last Sunday was simply agonising. Most people classify me as a morning person. Personally, I disagree but I have to admit that I don’t struggle with getting up most of the time. However, I guess that phoning my mother late the night before was a bad idea – we don’t seem to be able to have a short conversation – and it ended up with me getting under five hours sleep. 
However, it was well worth the pain as I dragged myself around the room, attempting to get dressed without bumping into every piece of furniture. I was off to Utrecht to see someone who I have not seen in way too long, the lovely Annelies.

We had planned on climbing the Dom (Cathedral) tower but it was kinda miserable weather so we decided to leave that for a nicer day and mooch generally. She kindly showed me some of her favourite shops (and she has great taste) and we explored a little. It was great to see her after so long and a truly welcome break from all the studying even if it wasn’t sensible to take aforementioned break!

I also managed to go out briefly with the fearsome Leonoor and Dania-duo on Tuesday. We all ate out, despite none of us really being able to afford it, were joined by Fietje and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening!

Other than that, I continued my fight with German. I don’t know if I’m winning the fight but it’s not taken won yet. As I’ve said, I love my teacher, I love the syllabus, I love my class – it’s the intensive period speed that I cannot manage. That said, I think I did well in my exam today.

I also had an group examined presentation which generally went well. I had a flare up with my heart problem in the middle of the presentation which sucked because you try speaking a language you’re quite new to speaking while your heart is doing a jolly good impression of a bee and you’re aware that if it doesn’t stop in a few you’re likely to collapse! Anyway, that’s something that’s been flaring up more over the last few months so it sounds like someone’s going to have another cardiologist appointment soon (urgh!!!) It’s also not a big deal so I’m not overly bothered. Just hope the grade hasn’t suffered!

I do feel that, in the six months (plus) between this German course and the next it will have time to sink in and I will actually be able to process what I’ve learned. I get it. I love it. My brain’s just saturated!

And now I am spending the evening doing nothing that requires any thought at all. A bit of Wyldwood Radio, perhaps some painting… a lot of sleep!


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