Freedom from Finals

Today was my final exam of the semester and, despite some trepidation, and perhaps because of the hyper-revision that inspired, I don’t think I did overly badly. That said, needing the grades I need to reach my after bachelor’s goals, this is a bit of a tense time as I watch blackboard waiting for the all important grades to trickle in.
However, enough of grades and exams! Tonight I am working on catching up with some things I’ve neglected such as blogging about Budapest (the first post in the series is here) and, indeed, going through the photos. That’s before I even think about the number of friends I’ve neglected over the past few weeks… there are some emails to be written, methinks! Sorry if you’re waiting on a message from me!
Tomorrow I’m dragging the not overly unwilling Dania to Keltfest. I think I managed to convert her to Rapalje and she’s happy enough to see people who are a bit dressed up too so we’ll probably have to lurk around some of the living history things for a while. Don’t think she’s as happy about the travel plans because, yuck, is the festival site hard to get to from here! Pretty sure that, after our 7:10 start we’ll have a lovely day 😉
As for me, well, there are some great musicians playing tomorrow so I’ll have an awesome time. Looking forward to seeing what Keltfest is like, never having been before. Also hoping that it’s okayish weather so my not so waterproof camera can get a bit of use!
And on Sunday I sleep.
Then starts my final four weeks in university year one. My first time learning German officially is both exciting and thoroughly daunting!

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