Budapest: Thursday

Touring, Eating, and Going to the Theatre

On Thursday I suggested that we took one of the hop-on hop-off buses around the city as they make it rather more accessible, aren’t bad value, and have a night line which the others could use while I was out on Friday (although they didn’t!). Everyone seemed to agree with the idea in principle so we bought tickets and off we went, deciding to do the near side of the river on that day as people wanted to do a bit of shopping in the afternoon and the main ‘known’ shopping street is on the Pest side of the city anyway. Whoops, that was a long sentence.

Some people were less enthused about the bus ride!

First stop was Hősök tere or Hero’s Square which is pretty impressive, to say the least. It’s pretty much a blending of Hungarian history and figures of significance. The central column features the Archangel Gabriel holding the crown of Hungary and the double cross. Surrounding this is a colonnade featuring Kings of Hungary and freezes showing a key scene from their life… and this is topped by statues of key ideas.

Because no-one would notice that giant statue unless you pointed it out!
We then ventured into the park a little which is something I’ve not really done before. To be honest, with the heat of my last trips, it’s lucky I’ve seen anything in the city! Anyway, we made a bit of a bee line for Vajdahunyad Castle which is a sweet replica castle complex created for an exhibition at some point – I know my history, right? Despite the castle itself being really pretty there is a little medieval style church which simply captured my imagination. I mean, I love religious architecture and medieval art history and regardless of my personal interests, replica or not, it was stunning.
See, it’s not just me… it is stunning!
After our little exploration it was back on the bus for a drive around a bit more of the city towards Váci utca to grab a couple of things from the shops there, and eat some more really good food. There was rather a pattern emerging here!
It was also the day we wrote loving postcards to our families telling them about the trip and snarky postcards to our friends telling them off for not coming with us. If you’re reading this, Aimee, you can’t run away for ever – you’re going to have to come with me one time!
Posting the Aimee’s card. It was a momentous occasion
which warranted photographic documentation.
With theatre tickets booked for that night we had to head back to the apartment quite early to get ready – with shared bathrooms, shock horror! Actually, considering four of us were trying to get ready with shared bathrooms and male presence limiting us to said shared bathrooms for the majority of tasks… we were pretty darn efficient and when the time came to leave, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by three stunners!
Anywho, I am, at the request of the darlin’ Laura write a full review of the theatre trip, including the trip, so I won’t go into it now but will link when it’s done. Suffice to say, we had a wonderful evening.
Not for facebook

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