Budapest: Introduction and Wednesday

Lounging on my bed, waiting for the others to wake up fully on the first morning of our holiday I started to note down all that happened the day before ready for these blog posts. I’d never be able to remember all that had happened upon my return. Fighting with my phone keyboard I wrote away… and then accidentally pressed the delete button losing all my hard work. I decided to give up.

So, the following series of posts promise to be a lengthy but incomplete description of what was an exquisite four days in the wonderful city of Budapest. And, if any of my companions are reading this and feel I’ve missed something out.. drop me a line and edits shall be made 😉
Does anyone else get the feeling I was really excited?

Arriving, Walking and Checking in to the Flat
The cheapest flights to Budapest, from the Netherlands, leave from Eindhoven which is a fair way away. The cheapest flights when you leave it until the last minute to book are the early morning ones. We had an early, early start ahead of us and, as people may know, extreme lack of sleep makes me quite ill so I was a bit of a mess that morning. Anyway at four a.m. Dania came round to mine to add the final touches to our shared suitcase and we toddled down to meet Nora, Laura, and Thomas. The taxi turned up… we texted everyone to hurry up. Eventually, Nora turned up as it turned out she had set her alarm wrong and only woken when the taxi had called her! A taxi ride and a bus ride later and the five of us were at Eindhoven, where we met up with Stefan, and we were on our way.

It’s amazing just how much joy a pink plane can induce!
The whole flight process was pretty simple with no border control – something I’ve never known – and the cases arriving quickly. The transfer from the airport was filled with the others attempting to learn ‘useful’ words and phrases in Hungarian such as “jó napot”, “köszönöm” and the obviously useful “kék” (which is not useful in basic conversation at all but caused much delight due to its similarity to the English word “cake”). 
We were soon in Budapest, with me feeling really rather overjoyed, and the others feeling really rather hungry. After the compulsory “hungary in Hungary” joke, Nora decided to stick to similes such as “famished” and “peckish”. It was the first of many high quality meals from that trip. We had a rather magnificent time as far as food is concerned.
While the others relaxed and finished their drinks, Dania and I went to check into the flat with the cases. I’ve stayed in flats owned by this company before so knew that they were reliable – and their contact goes above and beyond if you need something which matters when you’re a young group traveling alone – but I’d never stayed in this particular flat. It was in a good location on the same street as the Operettszínház stage door and a few bars which meant it was a little noisy at night but in a highly convenient location.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in a new country?

The afternoon saw us wander over to the other side of the river with plans to take some night photos. To be honest, that was always overly optimistic after the early start we’d had. However, we did manage to ride the funicular up into the Castle District and see that area in the less busy evening time.

It wasn’t a wasted trip, however, with various little moments which are sure to be some of the more lasting memories of the trip. Selfies on the bridge over and random people copying Nora’s nervous of heights sounds as the walk past, Stefan and Dania running after a bride and groom in order to get a selfie with them, finding pieces of street furniture with faces painted on them… you know, the kind of things that could never be replicated another time.

For those of you who haven’t worked it out by now: Dania is the selfie Queen!

At the end of the first day, people seemed pretty happy with the city and we were having a great time. Success!

Not for facebook

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