Last bit of UK time for a wee while!

My week back home is drawing to a close as I sit here typing this, waiting for the time to come where I have to go to the airport and get on that plane to go back to university. These last hours before leaving are always the most strange as the inevitable slowly draws closer… Part of me can’t believe I’m wasting this morning sat in front of Jeremy Kyle (*) but hey, I can’t find the television controller and I’m too comfy to go look 😉
Police horse display at the
North Somerset show.
Anyway, the last week has been generally quite slow and nice. I’ve had a lot of essays to write (not so pleasant) and have actually been highly productive. Really rather impressed with myself considering all the distractions of staying with the parents with all the food and bath opportunities that brings! I must admit, I’ve done a fair amount of spending… I know my way round shops in the UK which is more than a little dangerous!
Yesterday was the only full day out we managed to slot in, as a family, and my own schedule was mainly to blame for that. We drove back down to Somerset and spent the day at the North Somerset Show which is an agricultural show which is actually held on the land my father used to manage many, many years ago. While this kind of thing isn’t exactly my idea of a perfect day out, any excuse to sit out in the sun a little bit is worthwhile! 
Actually, looking out of the window and watching the perfect gale that I’m going to be flying in (touch wood), I’d like to see a bit more sun now, if you don’t mind!
My case constitution for the flight back home…
can you tell what I prioritise taking back?
(*) For the lucky people who read this and haven’t been exposed to Jeremy Kyle: it’s a show where people with dysfunctional relationships of some form come and parade themselves on the television while Jeremy kinda attempts to organise the screaming matches. And no, I didn’t put it on the telly!

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