That time we almost watched the eclipse…

Who cares if cloud was forecast? With the promise of a pretty full eclipse I was determined to be outside, attempting to see it. Well, I managed on the first part, the last part wasn’t quite so successful.
After a quick ask round last night, Dania and Leonoor decided that they were both free, and stupid lovely enough, to join me. So, this morning, ignoring the ominous overcast nature of the sky, I filled several plastic bottles with tea (I don’t have a multi-person flask), we bought croissants and orange juice, and we set off to the park.
Other than the constant cries of “I’m cold” coming from a certain person – no prizes for guessing who –  I think we had a pretty good fun time. I mean, sure, it wasn’t exactly picnic weather but there’s something rather enjoyable about sitting outside eating breakfast. It’s certainly more worthwhile than being stuck in the flat working or, just as likely, in bed sleeping!
Just in case you do struggle to guess who was the moaning one!

However, sadly, the cloud cover didn’t break for us and we didn’t really catch a glimpse of the eclipse itself. I mean it did get a bit darker but, with the amount of cloud, that change felt more like the herald of a storm rather than an unusual event!
So, I’m just going to pretend that we weren’t trying to see the eclipse at all. Instead we were having a casual picnic to celebrate the vernal equinox and that bit, at least, was pretty darn successful!
And it was fun too 😉

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