Taking The Mother to see Rapalje "Met de billen bloot"

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday the 14th and I decided to use it as a complete and utter excuse to take my mother to various things etc etc. I know that using such (now) commercialised days may not be the best way to show genuine appreciation for someone but if you’re trying to find an excuse to ‘force’ them to come to a foreign country when you want to do things then such days are pretty darn useful!
Anyway, our week of adventures (*) started yesterday with a Rapalje concert in Rotterdam. I had planned to book this one anyway due its date, and to book a hotel, but I realised, relatively late, that it was a lunchtime concert meaning the hotel wasn’t needed. Saved a bit  of time and money! One of the many joys of the Netherlands is that, as long as timings are okayish you can get from one side of the country and back with relative ease, at least if one’s comparing to back home.
It was actually my first time visiting Rotterdam although I can’t really say I saw much of it. We were highly conscious of my need to study for exams and therefore only really went to the show and back. First impressions seem to say that the city is a fair bit more modern than Amsterdam but that’s based solely on the area around the station. I’ll just have to go back to judge it properly 😉
I’m not sure if the venue is also a theatre or solely a concert hall (although the layout suggests the latter to me). I’m too lazy to google it. Either way, it was a very easy to access place with a rather good hall layout which meant you could have a pretty good view from anyway, I’d wager. Can you tell I keep lists of decent places to sit in each place I visit? 
The show opened with a performance based person by person introduction to the band which was something I’d not seen before, and I assume it’s new to this show although I cannot be sure on that front. Either way it was a lovely added touch. Maceal came on as a one man band and played a rather speedy piece that did get us clapping although there were multiple rhythms going on throughout the audience; William sung a song with guitar and harmonica… well, almost without the harmonica as it got left offstage until the last minute; Dieb and Maceal played “Into Folk” while wearing some stunning embroidered jackets (yep, no kilts!); David played a short bagpipe medley which was really cool for want of a better way of describing it! We were reminded, once again, of how (multi) talented the members of this band are. 
After that followed a more ‘normal’ set during which the band played songs off of their albums as well as some new songs (I forget how many so if there was just one please adjust grammar to match). It was a good fun show that saw the usual mix of fast tunes and slower pieces. I think this may have been the first time my mother’s seen Rapalje play with dancers too so that was a nice bonus for her. Meanwhile, David playing bagpipes and leading the three dancers (and Maceal playing a drum) around the hall certainly impressed the audience. The final number was the “Wild Rover” which clearly lives up to the show’s name. And all that, as my mother said, before lunchtime!
Of course, after that we did get lunch and then made our way home for me to fight with multiple assignments and a tonne of revision. Yuck. Just to clarify that the ‘yuck’ refers to work… the food was good 😉
So yes, all in all, I think that the first day of the Mother’s Day Week went rather well. I just have to survive a physics exam, for which I am poorly prepared, before the next treat in the form of seeing the musical Elisabeth in Essen. I’ve even managed to start a painting for that one… gone are the days when I used to paint something before every and any event!

Right, less blogging, more studying, right?

(*) I know, I know, I have the cheese factor turned right up again!

Also, apologies for the crappy post title. I’ve been up since forever and studying has stolen the little imagination I had… may also explain the repetitive nature of description throughout the post!!

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