Starting the semester

The faster life goes the more I have to write about and the less time to do it.
I’m really not complaining. I like busy!
Mother managed to fit the bronze owl I got given for
Christmas in her case weight allowance. Magic woman!
Today I said goodbye to my mother who was out for a few days visiting… she needed my help with her computer stuff for work and I needed English food. It was a win win situation. Anyway, we had a really lovely time doing random rubbish (like buying DVDs of Shakespeare shows) and some more interesting things too, of course. The main development was our booking to go and see the (wonderful) musical Elisabeth when it tours through Essen. I don’t think I need to explain to you why this makes me so happy and the fact that I’m taking my mother to see it for mother’s day makes it extra special. Before you ask, she  is a fan of the show too 😉
Before her visit it was the Castlefest Winter Party which I attended with the lovely Thijs and before that was the start of my second semester at university and I will bore you all with a basic overview of which courses I am taking because they, no doubt, will feature highly in the next 14 weeks!
This semester I am taking Big Questions in Science, Logic, Periods and Genres Modern, and Text and Genre.
The first course of the semester was the one I was most afraid of: Logic. It’s a mixture between maths, philosophy and common sense with an infamous fail rate. I was dreading doing it. Now I’ve started, I’m surprised to say, I actually quite like it! I mean, it is going to be a real challenge for me to remember all the things I have to remember for the exams and it’s probably going to get harder but I am enjoying it so far. I go into the classes and struggle a little bit with the concepts at the very start and then, after a few minutes I get the hang of it. It’s enough of a challenge to be interesting but taught well enough that it’s not overly daunting… yet 😉
I’ll talk about the other not so fun course, namely Big Questions in Science. I’m doing it because I need to take a science course and this sounded like the most accessible for a humanities major such as myself. Indeed, it was what it was designed for. I’ve not studied any sciences since I was 15. We’re studying physics at the moment and, quite simply, I do not get it. The teacher is a lovely person and clearly quite intelligent but, sadly, I’m not quite so well versed in the physics world as he is and therefore things he takes for granted confuse me massively. This course and I may have some issues. On the bright side, next lesson’s at the planetarium!
Periods and Genres is a continuation from last semester’s course, focusing on a latter period, and is art history by any other name. There were some little hiccoughs with the teacher not providing the (very small) things I need to get by with my vision problem but, hopefully, this is getting sorted now. I kinda know I’ll like this course because I’m aware of the kind of things included and, as a bonus, there are additional creative elements that mean that I’m going to have to find time to paint and draw. Since starting at university I’ve hardly touched a pencil and it’s not a good thing at all!
And the final course, Text and Genre is shaping up to by my favourite. It’s a literature foundation theory course thing and I expected it to be rather dry but, in fact, it’s so much fun. We’re looking at literature itself (at last!) and working in a really interactive environment chaired by two teachers who are so energetic and obviously have such passion for the subject. I don’t think you could ask for more!
So, that’s how life is shaping up at the moment. Next week looks to be super busy. Who am I kidding? The next few months look to be super busy! But anyway, exciting times!

This is not for facebook because I’ve written another post since and don’t want to flood out my feed.


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