Castlefest Winter Party

Saturday evening saw Thijs and me making our way to Hilversum for the first Castlefest Winter party thing. It was strange for something to be ‘Castlefest’ yet be in a theatre type indoor venue and in the middle of winter. Nevertheless, it was a lovely evening with some wonderful music, as always. This time I didn’t take my camera as we weren’t sure if it would be allowed so I have no photographs to share, sadly… and none for my scrapbook either which is even worse!! On the bright side, that also meant that I could bring a tiny bag and just have fun dancing (well bobbing) a bit without getting awful back ache. Seriously, Thijs’ phone was too big to fit in my bag… it was bliss ๐Ÿ˜‰
Anyway, I digress!
We arrived part way through Jyoti Verhoeff’s set (possibly because it took us so long to work out that Thijs’ monster of a phone really wasn’t going to fit in my bag).ย 
Next up was Shireen who I’d encountered at the Midwinter Fair some time ago back but didn’t really know before that. I’d really enjoyed their set those few months back and, if anything, they seemed to surpass themselves. Theirs is a strong sound in every sense of the word and I will certainly be buying their EP when I have the opportunity (and spare cash), of course.
After Shireen came Cesair and I feel that I’ve written about them enough so that they don’t really need much explanation! The set was really enjoyable with quite a few newer pieces as well as wonderful older numbers. Atiny Naya remains my firm favourite, however, and luckily it got a play too ๐Ÿ˜‰
Finally was Scrum with their fun rockyness. It’s probably the last time I’m going to see the band with their lead singer Skottie which is a real shame but, I’ll be honest, it was such a good show that it was a fitting ‘end of an era’. Looking forward to seeing Scrum move forwards ๐Ÿ™‚

So yes… there is my incredibly short and unimaginative round up. What can I say? I’m tired.

This post is not for facebook because it was written in a sleep deprived trance… I don’t even know if it makes sense.ย 


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