Musings on ‘Sunrise: a song of two humans’

Sunrise: a song of two humans was the first film I had to watch for my Cities and Cultures class and, as such, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Mind you, I’m still not sure what to expect from Cities and Cultures sources!
Sunrise is a silent film from 1927 to which music was added after initial filming but prior to release. It tells the story of a man, who lives with his wife and child in the country, but falls for a woman from the city. This city woman talks him into killing his wife but, unable to do it, the man and wife end up spending the day in the city where their relationship is reevaluated.
The Man with The Woman from the City
The story itself is simple and sweet, I guess, if attempted wife-murder is your thing. Admittedly, we all wondered why she stayed with him after the whole ‘attempt on life’  bit but if one overlooks that plot point then it’s a sweet story! The format allows the film to explore various city settings and happenings. Something which is nice about the story-line is the way it’s split into modular events which often have comic elements and are really nicely played.
Visually, this film offers some really exciting moments. In particular, the fairground scene is larger than life and rather stunning. The use of light and dark is used to great effect. Camera tricks whereby the actors walk through traffic and so on are very neatly done and rather ahead of their time.
The Man and his Wife in the city
The only thing that, I feel, let the film down was the score itself. While I know that not everyone agrees with me, I felt that the music was quite separate from the film itself and seemed to be tacked on as opposed to having a feeling of unity. It’s not a big deal but it was something that I noticed.
Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It was light, short and easy to watch. It was also available on youtube when I was studying it so, if your interested, you may just find it there!
This piece was written about a month after watching the film so it’s not as detailed as it could have been! I scheduled it to post after finishing the course so that I was not in a position of accidentally plagiarising myself if called upon to write around the piece. Images are from IMDb

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