I’m free! I’m free! (etc. etc.)

My final essay has just been submitted and I’m sat here surrounded by the chaos that comes from panic studying without having spent time tidying up that Christmas party of a few days ago. The empty mince pie box is totally my doing though… eating six in one day when stress-writing is perfectly socially acceptable, right?
It’s really strange to think that I’ve been living here for close to half a year now, my first semester (sans weird intensive period) is finished. Thank goodness. Now that I’m free my brain is trying to work out what I should do first… paint or translate or tidy or scrapbook or edit photos or or or… yeah, who am I kidding? I’m going into hibernation 😉
Lets be honest, I’ve been essay writing from a sleeping bag.
We’ve been at hibernation point for some time now!

All joking aside, the last couple of days have been really strange, saying goodbye to the people I have essentially been living with. These people have seen me on my squint days, in my pajamas, been in my flat at its messiest (not all at the same time). They’ve come to see more of me than most people I’ve known for years and, in that regard, some of the most intense bonds have been formed. It’s strange but quite brilliant. What’s even stranger is the fact that we’re all suddenly being flung around the globe once again. Okay, it’s only for two weeks but it’s still rather bizarre. That is something that will never fail to amaze me, the way people here are just so wonderful and the way we’ve gelled. Better start saving up for a miracle waterproof mascara for graduation!
That said, I simply cannot wait to go home. I’ve been getting emails from my technically inept father with a count down for some days now. Actually, just realised he’s a day out and someone should probably tell him I’m flying on Sunday, not tomorrow… oops.
The fact that it’s Christmas just makes it all even better. Just being around family and old friends with glittery things and lights and warmth and good food sounds like heaven right now. Okay, it sounds like heaven every year but especially after being away from home for so long. Annoyingly, I have no idea where my Christmas elf outfit is so I’ll have to dig that out so I can dress up to give presents to my little nephews again this year!!
Yes, in case you have got this far and haven’t guessed, I’m both excited and exhausted. This has been your complete stream of consciousness blog for tonight. Now I’m going to go and see about this hibernation idea!!

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