The imaginatively titled SeeD and Omnia post

This is one of those posts that is quite simply going to make no sense… something to do with the time of night. However, it’s either that or it won’t get written with the way life is going so there we go. It’s also going to be hardly any writing and a couple of pictures… not so interesting 😉
The support act of the evening, SeeD (*), were great. I’d heard a bit by them but this was the first time seeing them live and it was certainly worthwhile. I’d really like to see them again and will certainly be buying their album when it’s launched. 
With SeeD after the show
Omnia’s show was high energy, as always, and the crowd seemed rather into it which always helps to build a good atmosphere. There were a group behind us, who I believe were from Italy, who were just having so much fun! While I don’t agree with everything that Omnia says – and it kinda matters because they’re rather outspoken – it was great to dance along to music that I really know and with friends, once again. I was also pleased that they played the tracks I had managed to get into off the new-ish album Earth Warrior. All in all, an enjoyable show!
Thijs got cut out and the photo’s poor but with Omnia.
It was also lovely to hang around afterwards a bit and soak up the open atmosphere that seems to come hand in hand with folk music. Special shout out to the girl who complimented my hair so kindly when we were queuing together! That said, apologies to anyone and everyone who spoke with Thijs and/or Hester and who had to suffer my seemingly antisocialness… my Dutch comprehension may be improving but I am quite incapable of conversing!
Almere selfie time!
So yeah. Great time. Going to collapse in bed now as I have an essay to fight with and several exams to revise for tomorrow 😦
(*) I still don’t know how to format the band name… oops.

This post is not for facebook because even through my exhaustion I know it makes no sense!!!

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