Last day of November

Well, this has crept up on me somewhat. There’s only three weeks of university left until the end of term and tomorrow will be the first day of Busy December… the month of at least one ‘event’ a day. Eep.
It’s been a long time coming but, after about
six hours work they’re up at last!
Today was supposed to by the start of ‘Busy December’ with a music DVD night with Thijs and Hester but I have come over feeling like, to put it eloquently, crap and have had to pull out. On the bright side, I have done some brilliant work over this weekend and am now officially ahead in my subjects. I also, finally managed to get my curtains made and up. So, in short, I feel like life is vaguely in control ahead of the wonderful but deadly month of December.
Talking of which, the next month is either going to be a dense or sparse one as far as blogging goes. There is a lot going on which, hypothetically should mean a lot to blog about. However, it also means that there is unlikely to be a lot of time to actually sit down and write the blogs. When I get home for Christmas, while I’ll have the time, I am going to be staying in a rented cottage and may well not have internet access.
Ultimately, as always, I will write about each event but there may be some delay in posting of blogs so bear with me and please forgive absences/so many posts.
And now I am going to cuddle up in bed and attempt to force my dear body to recover before things really do get busy.
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