Musical interlude

Having worked so very hard over the last few weeks it seemed only right that I took some time out today for a bit of music. I mean, it’s not like I’m having to work so hard because I have booked a social/music event for every day in December, until Christmas… right? Sarcastic appraisal of own idiocy aside, last week I made the rather impromptu decision to go and see Rapalje performing with Fanfare De Eendracht Den Ilp, dragging Dania along for some much appreciated company.

The first half of the show was performed by the brass band. Now, I’m not a big brass instrument lover, I will be honest, but the quality of this performance was quite something. Seriously, seriously enjoyed their show! Not only was the playing great but it was a well rounded performance with lighting, projections of images, and some charismatic musicians. It also helped that I actually knew most of the pieces that were being played which was a bit of a surprise. I can remember looking across at Dania after the second piece and asking her if she was okay and her saying that it was “really cool” which was a relief, seeing as I had press-ganged her into coming in the first place.

Although the first act was a performance in its own right (I feel I should give brass-heavy music another chance now!) the second act was, of course, wonderful. I’m not going to write a lot about it as I’ve written so much about Rapalje in the past… and I need to sleep! All the same, this was my first time seeing the band playing in a proper theatre setting as opposed to at a festival or tiny venue like at Glastonbury. As always, they put on a great show musically and performance wise. Add to that the fact that there were a pair of great dancers who performed maybe every third number or so, and a fair bit of fire on stage and it was quite the spectacle.

The set was terrific as always. It opened with Dunmore Lasses which remains one of my favourite tunes even though I still cannot play it. Pretty sure that Dania enjoyed that one too! The rest was  a mixture of some faster pieces such as Home Is Where My Friends Are – during which the gentleman next to me to really got into clapping along, hitting me several times! – and Galway Girl – which, as always, is still stuck in my head. It was also the first time I’ve heard Teddy O’Neill played live and, as I love that song so much, it was super to hear it.

Briefly met the band (sans Dieb) after the show and got a couple of nice photos for the scrapbook. Actually, got an extra one of just me and David as I didn’t realise he was in the first photo… oops! Oh well!

And the most important bit? What did Dania think? Well, I guess you’ll have to ask her if you really want to know the truth but, from what she told me, I think Rapalje might have a new fan in the making here!! She seemed to enjoy herself, at least, and there has been some discussion of her maybe joining me for the Midwinter Fair to catch their set in a fortnight’s time. Whether she does or not, I think that’s a good sign that she didn’t hate it 😉

Talking about music. While I’m here: Today is the second anniversary of the wonderful Wyldwood Radio which broadcasts a mixture of different genres of music, based around pagan themes, every hour of every day. Not only do I want to wish them a very happy birthday but, if you’re reading this and are into anything remotely folky, rocky, or trancey, then you should pop on over and give them, and some of their specialist shows, a listen!

Right, no matter how glorious today might have been, must get back to work… and sleep. So much to do and such little time!


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