Help! The essays are coming to get me! (and other stories)

When I have a lot of work to do I’m always really productive. I clean my room, I send letters letters to friends I should have contacted weeks ago, I write useless blog posts. I guess I do a bit of the work too…
At the moment I have four essays weighing on my mind; two (and a bit) are due over the next week. In addition, with my parents visiting and both Sonja and my birthdays on the horizon I’m trying to get everything done early. It’s not working out so well but there we go. And that’s before I mention the 300 pages of reading for Monday.

That said, I’m kinda enjoying my papers. My history of art paper is looking at a stunning example of a Greek vase which also has some great links to culture and mythology and I’m rather enjoying studying that aspect, even if I’m not so sure on the paper style for this subject. I have chosen to look at one of my favourite films for literary and cultural theory although, as I’m analysing it psychoanalytically, I will probably ruin my childhood in the process. For my academic writing class I’m working on a paper about the reasons for conversion to neo-pagan faiths. Fascinating topic but driving me mad researching the thing 😉

I’ve been lucky to be able to slot in social moments too, over the past week or so, with Laura and her flatmates (and ultimately her whole corridor, it seems) throwing a party on Tuesday night. Although I didn’t stay for all that long – I’m quite boring at parties! – it was such fun to just mess around with friends.
My only non-blurry photo from the evening. Sorry Leonoor!
Friday evening, however, really has to stand out as one of the best moments of the past little while. Running straight from class to catch a train into the centre to meet up with Maria and catch some of the final concerts of the Cello Biennale was a real change of pace.
Actually, Maria and I first started chatting, many moons ago, because of our shared love for the cello, although she plays 100x better than I ever did. Indeed, she was telling me about the Cello Biennale, a two week long cello festival, before I had even started playing with the idea of moving here. To go to some of the events was fitting.
Image from 

We managed to catch a concert of several students from the Boston Conservatoire before the main concert. This was a delightful way to precede the main event which was the final of the Nationaal Cello Concours. Not only was it an evening of high quality music, as one might expect, but it was a chance to really compare style of three talented individuals. It was also a good chance to practice Dutch as the prizes were presented and winners announced in the language despite the rest being conducted in English, oddly. I’ll never get used to how English is casually used in this country, even among native speakers. Anyway, I digress, happily, the person Maria and I both voted to win did so.

The biennale is now over, and Maria will be having withdrawal symptoms, I’m sure, as she’s been living there! We have got one more show related to it to look forward to, however, and that is the Apocalyptica concert which was supposed to open the event but was postponed until November. Looking forward to attacking Maria with some metal 😉

Right, I better get on with this work. It’s staring at me reproachfully as I type so I don’t think I can put it off much longer!


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