Visits from home

It’s nine fifty-two in the evening and I know that I have an all nighter ahead of me. Why? Well, because my mother, who’s been visiting for the week has a deadline tomorrow and is sat in my room attempting to piece together what remains of her brain. Naturally, I can’t sleep with her working and nor can I work due to mother and I both being unstoppable mutterers when we’re thinking. We’d drive each other mad!
I wonder why she’s struggling to meet this deadline?

So, here we get another installment of Havanah’s blog šŸ˜‰

As you’ll have deduced, no doubt, from the above, my mother’s been staying with me this week. I can’t really say how great it’s been to see her and to chat and watch films and do general stuff that you take for granted when you’re geographically close to someone. It has meant that I’ve neglected my friends a little (sorry guys!) and my work (oops!) but oh well. It’s been worth it!
So, this week has mainly been focused around socialising with my mother and her buying me food. I’m not complaining about either aspect and, while it’s not at all interesting for you to read about, it has been a really good time for me!
Finding cheddar cheese, sausages, back bacon, and crumpets
at Marks and Spencers was the highlight of my week šŸ˜‰
Sadly, she’s going home tomorrow and, although it’ll be nice to have some of my own space for a while, I’m dreading the ‘goodbye’ again. Reserving all rights to be a quivering wreck if anyone tries to contact me at any point during the day and apologies to Thijs who’s got to put up with me as I’m going to his for dinner… oops!
While I’m writing, I’ll just mention that I’m changing the way I’m doing the blog a bit:
  • I’m attempting to review a CD/film with more regularity than before so hope to schedule things so one posts each Wednesday but these will not be cross posting to facebook.Ā 
  • Book reviews will post from goodreads to facebook and will be here too, as always… when I have time to read!Ā 
  • Some of my personal posts may not go onto facebook, depending on the topic (some of you may have noticed this happening already).
  • I’m probably going to cut back on ‘weekly’ posts as these have only been happening as there have been major life changes. Now things are settling down I’ll probably go back to event based postings which can be more or less frequent. I write when I feel like it basically šŸ˜‰

If you’re interested in any of the things that aren’t going to cross post anymore then you can subscribe to the blog in various ways over on the right hand side of the page (I know there are some regular readers, strange as it seems!) or just check back manually, every now and again, on the general link.Ā 

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