It’s no news really that, every now and then, I post a review of a CD or a gig or so on. These, to date, have been titled as such and can be found on the links at the top of my page.
However, particularly when talking about music, I feel that I’m talking as I would to a friend. Often I write reviews with a specific friend in mind either because I think they would like something or I know they’re interested to hear my thoughts on that thing. I’m therefore uncomfortable to call them ‘reviews’ as such so you’ll notice some new titling patterns. 
Book reviews will remain as reviews… when I get time to read that is!
I will be posting about my Castlefest CDs (late, I know!) over the next few weeks so, if you’re interested keep an eye out for those… probably not going to cross post to facebook but should cross post to tumblr and twitter or you can always subscribe to receive email updates on the blog by popping your email address into the relevant box over on the right hand side.

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