Socialising, studying, and a new phone number.

You have no idea how hard it was for me to break from recently established routine this week with the bike post thing. Anyway, no worries, we’re back to the Sunday Summary for today at least 😉

I guess, although I posted a status about it on Facebook, I should probably mention the choir audition. Wendy messaged me on Monday evening to say that choir was meeting in about an hour and did I want to join her and go. I had no idea there was any audition element and agreed, spending the next hour in utter terror. When we arrived and found out that there was an audition element Wendy stopped me from running away, something for which I am grateful! Neither of us had prepared a song and I ended up attempting something I hardly knew so I knew there was no chance of me getting in (and I didn’t but that’s not the point). However, the range exercises went really, really well and the fact that I managed to do this is such a big deal. It’s baby steps but I am getting over a phobia that has been around since I was about eleven. A year ago I would never have dreamed I would have managed to actually audition for a choir. So happy.

Tuesday has already been chronicled in the bike riding post so no need to go over that again!!

So, onto Wednesday and the impromptu pot-luck dinner and ‘girlie night’. Randomly suggested at some point during the day, and quickly adopted as a great idea, Leonoor, Sonja, Laura, Dania and myself all met up for dinner. I had nothing out of the freezer due to the short notice of the whole thing and therefore hosted which was really fun as I got to lurk at home and eat other people’s food!

Laura, me, Ms. Camera Shy after dinner 🙂
For those of you who aren’t at AUC, this little group is the group that is in basically all my classes so we naturally get to spend a lot of time together. Add to that the fact that they’re great people and you can see why the evening was so lovely. It was also nice to spend time outside of class getting to know each other a bit better and, most importantly, to just chill a bit.
As for the rest of the week, well, it’s been mainly dominated by essay writing which isn’t so much fun but I guess it is what I’m here for! Also been feeling a bit crappy health wise but eh, I’m doing better than normal so can’t really complain!

The other bit of ‘important’ news is that I finally have a working Dutch phone number. I’m, obviously, not posting it here but drop me a facebook message and I’ll send it to you happily. For all the people with my English number: I will keep that number and use it when I’m in the UK so don’t delete it – just don’t expect me to check it when I’m out of the country! I’ll also say about the new number in a facebook status in a couple of days but have been ‘statusing’ more than normal over the past week so will wait a couple of days 😉


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