I swear, there is no logic to riding something with two wheels!

So, finally, after many weeks of deliberating (*), Dania and I agreed to attempt to learn to cycle on the evening of the twenty-third of September two-thousand and fourteen.
Luckily on leaving my room and attempting to unlock my bike I encountered Robbert, one of my neighbours. Seeing my feeble attempts to free my bicycle from various locks, he obviously decided that I was not fit to be set free on his country and agreed to assume the role of ‘cycle teacher’. Seriously, I am so, so grateful to him, no doubt as is Dania, because we would have been in a right mess without his assistance and support! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Of course, as the Dutch person, Robbert was the cycling expert and was keen to impart all of his years of knowledge. First lesson: how to untangle your shoe lace when it gets trapped in the bike chain!

It was Dania who freed it in the end with her awesome logic.
She also took this photo 🙂
I must say that, all joking aside, I was impressed with how well Robbert managed to break down how to ride a bike as trying to explain how to do something when you have been doing it for as long as you remember… well, that’s not easy! I’m also really impressed with Dania who managed to improve so, so much.
As for me, I managed to ride in a wobbly corner-less line. I apparently can’t say it was a straight line because of the wobbly nature but all the same! It was also a great improvement from my first attempt at riding this bike (which my mother has named Fiona, by the way). This time, I didn’t peddle once… straight into a wall.
So the bike riding adventure has well and truly begun for Dania and I. We’re certainly not ready to be let lose on Amsterdam yet but give us a few more practices, and a babysitter, and it just might happen!

(*) Okay, it was about two weeks but that doesn’t sound half as dramatic!


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