One month on!

As it seems that I have taken to writing weekly summaries on a Sunday (it’s not planned) it just happens, I expected this to be another boring post full of nothingness with which to numb the minds of the poor souls who actually read this. Well, it probably is going to be that still, don’t get your hopes up too much!
However, just as I sat down to write I noticed the date. It’s the 21st. That means that it’s exactly one month since I moved here. I’ve been living in the Netherlands for one whole month. It does not feel like that long at all. It’s really, really weird!
However, saying that, last week was a really good week for me as it all started to feel a lot more settled. My sleep pattern has started to return to normal (I’d been waking at least four times each night and unable to sleep beyond about 6:30) and things have started to feel more in control and generally chilled. It’s only as things settle down that you realise how much of a strain life has been but then I think that’s to be expected when you’re living on your own for the first time, moving to a foreign country, every piece of admin is going wrong, and you’re starting at a new university. Certainly, for the first time, last week things started to feel more normal and more like home. So maybe it’s not so strange that a month has passed!

So, a brief summary of last week:
Wednesday evening was a pup quiz at the university café. It was a nice evening. Went up with Wendy and then joined with a couple of older students and Julika to form a team for the night. I am so out of practice with pub quizing though, worrying as I used to go to the pub and compete each week, and was totally useless! Would certainly go up again all the same as it’s a nice evening out… and I need to get back in practice!

Friday saw me hand in my first paper. Thursday saw my computer delete my first paper (and the back up file) in a complete blip. You can guess that it was finished in a bit of a flap but it wasn’t too big a deal. Not the best thing I’ve ever written but, for a first attempt at a university paper, I’m not too disappointed.

Friday was also the day of the AUC Lustrum celebration marking five years of the university. I went for a little while with some friends and hung around, chatted, and ate really nice pistachio ice cream. I didn’t stay all that long though because I was tired and didn’t really find my way round what was going on.

I did manage to get my father a bottle for his collection 😉

And then yesterday was another lovely afternoon and evening with Maria. After she rescued me when I got totally lost trying to find the market where she works we spent some time having a drink with her father and some colleagues which was lovely and then went back to hers for dinner. She even taught me how to use the buses and showed me that, in fact, my supermarket troubles stem from me going to a weird supermarket. Seriously, the one near her flat is so, so easy!

Did I mention Maria’s pet chicks?

All in all, a wonderful week. Really looking forward to seeing what next week has in store! Now I should probably return to my two other papers that are, annoyingly, not writing themselves in my absence!


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