A rant on the situation with Scotland

I will start this blog post by saying that you can guess the topic from the title. I am not entering into a political debate, nor do I intend to, and have stopped this post from going onto facebook to make it less visible. This is a personal post about my feelings about situations surrounding a political situation and not a political post… if you can’t cope with that then please don’t read any further.
As I’m aware that enough of the people who read my blog are friends from outside of the UK I will briefly explain. Today is the day of a referendum that is taking place in Scotland to determine if Scotland will leave the UK.
I had decided to keep silent on the whole subject because it’s something that’s close to a lot of people’s hearts and, while I may have an opinion, it isn’t really my issue to fight over.
However, today I discovered something that really did make me unhappy. One of my relatives, who is Scottish, has had their house graffitied by some idiot who feels that is the correct way to treat a human being who has a different opinion/connections to England. 

From what I have heard, this isn’t a one off, and most likely is going both ways. I’ve not done my research and press is always biased anyway. However, having something like this happen to someone who you have a connection to is really infuriating.
Now I will admit something that I haven’t told many people:
On the day I received my acceptance at AUC I was up in Scotland, in the area I love and I had visited every summer as a child, near to where my family live. The day after, I went to Glasgow for an open day, still undecided about where I would ultimately chose and already holding a place at Glasgow. During the course of that day, I was shouted at by two groups of people at the university for being English. I decided at this point that Amsterdam was the better choice for me.
Are these people the majority? No. They just shout the loudest. Most of Scotland, no matter what they will vote today, if they vote today, will be civil about matters. However, it’s got to the point where I am so annoyed that I can’t pretend the loud people who turn a political matter into a personal one don’t exist. 
Come tomorrow we will have a result of this vote. Whatever that result may be we all, Englishmen and Scotsmen, remain individuals and remain humans. People need to remember to treat those around them as individuals and humans. 
Fight to change a system, fight to change something you disagree with, but attacking and intimidating another living soul being different, having different opinions, or for any reason really, is just below the belt. This goes for any situation as far as I’m concerned.
Now go out and hug people.

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