In which technology gets the better of the Chadburn family (etc)

It’s six P.M. on a Thursday and I’ve just settled down to dinner after a long day of arguing with the housing association and electrician visits. Naturally, my dad chooses this moment to phone me. He’s decided, despite the fact that this is the man who managed to break two computers in the space of  a year that, in my absence, he will assemble the desktop at home.
Luckily, the answer to his question is quite simple. The mouse and keyboard won’t plug in because they are the wrong mouse and keyboard. He has to go and buy a new one to fit that computer. Peace again.
I’m going to be honest and say, that after he got back I did spend the entire night on the phone to him. That man has a complete inability to read what is on a computer screen and to take the logical choice and also fails to follow instructions. That said, after about three hours on the phone he finally got the thing set up and I left him with the instruction to let it update. I waited for the inevitable call for help.
Surprisingly, it didn’t come and the next I hear on the subject is:
I’m actually amazed he managed to get into his email account… especially since I’m pretty sure I changed the password on it a couple of months back…
Of course, that’s not all that’s been going on with a continuation of classes and a heck of a lot of work to be done outside of class. That is what I expected though, if a little heavier than I expected, and so I’m not complaining. It’s nice to be stretched again. 
Admittedly, the highlight of my weekend was this evening with an impromptu invitation from Wendy to join her for dinner. It was great to get out and socialise after all the strain of the past week! Having eaten and conversed for some time we were eventually drawn into working on a large puzzle that Wendy had started. You can see why I get on with her so well 😉

She was waaay better at this than me, I hasten to add!

Anyway, having just got in from her flat, the long walk of about 30 paces from my own… I am ready to drink tea and sleep, looking forward to the week ahead!


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