Entering the second week!

It’s really funny the things that you miss when you’re away from home. I quite expected to find myself a quivering wreck frequently through not being around my family (and friends). However, while I miss people, and I’m finding life a lot easier than I expected, I’ve found that it’s the practical little things that make me miss home.
I miss the food that I know. I miss cooking for people. I miss getting the train to college as the walk here doesn’t give you the same social experience. I miss having a bath because I only have a (painfully hot) shower. I miss saving bits of carrot for my canary, when cooking. Perhaps these things are the things that really have impact because the lack of people you love is just too big a concept for the brain to hack. Either way, homesickness is certainly present but in a different form to how I expected it!
To that ends, things like cooking a Sunday Roast with Maria the other day really matter. I mean, it was probably one of the worst roast dinners I’ve ever made but it was just wonderful because it was a moment of ‘home’. There’s an amazing comfort derived from those kind of things.
Attempts to combine study and relaxation 😉
Something that has really stuck me about this course is the sheer workload and pace at which the 
classes are moving. Last week, on Thursday, I completed my first piece of work that contributes to the final grade, a group presentation which ended up with a significantly smaller group than planned. This happened in the second class and class number one had been an introduction. It really does feel like I’m preparing for class or doing assignments in every waking moment although I know that’s not true. All the same, you know you’re procrastinating when you update your ‘about’ page on the blog. Pleased I got round to it, even if I should have been doing something else, as the other page was annoying me no end!
Overall, there have been some huge lifestyle changes over the last couple of weeks and it’s really rather strange. I’m enjoying the challenges but they are challenges for sure! I’m really happy that I’m starting to get to know some lovely people, and meeting new people almost every day, and that is a really good sign!
Oh, and those of you who’ve known me and my bad immune system for years, and have been wondering how I’ve managed to not catch ‘Freshers Flu’ will be pleased to know that I haven’t been replaced by some alien… I’m coming down with a cold >.<

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