Castlefest review: Sunday

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Time, or rather lack of it, has meant that this final part of the Castlefest review ‘series’ comes about a month after it actually occurred. As such, this section will be even more rubbish than normal but it’s unfair on the great bands of the Sunday not to give them a moment. In addition, Sunday was very much a day of three bands for me, Rastaban, Rapalje, and Finvarra so I’ve already written about them at some point!
I arrived slightly late to Rastaban’s set even with my determined powerwalk… the shuttle bus needs to arrive in earlier, for sure! I really don’t know what to say without repeating things I’ve written in previous reviews. This band never ever disappoint. Even though I was alone and therefore way too shy to dance, and using my camera as an excuse not to, the vibes of this band just get into you and they really do ask for the audience to become involved. Seriously, I cannot stress enough, if you haven’t already got this band’s album, give it a go and even more importantly, get to one of their shows if at all possible.
Talking about using my camera as a shy-shield… I actually got some of my favourite photos from Rastaban’s set. The energy onstage, combined with favourable lighting, really lent itself to some lovely images. Of course, more importantly, it lends itself to the creation of an all round immersive performance. 
Having ranted on about their performance (as usual) I should give a moment to the important bit: the music. The set list for this show was great and there were a fair few of my favourite pieces as well as a couple (if I remember correctly) of newer pieces which herald a continuation of the high quality output of this band. Waiting for CD number two 😉
I was able to meet the band briefly after the show which was a good way to round things off, I think! Really nice people and they also kindly signed my scrapbook painting for me.
After that there was only one other band I planned to see. Okay, I had planned to see a few more on the Sunday but by this stage the fact that I had been surviving on coca-cola was starting to catch up with me! So onto one of my complete favourite bands both because of their music and the fact that they’re such nice people: Rapalje.
Having last seen them at Glastonbury, on a tiny stage, with a tiny audience, it was really, really strange to see them on a festival stage with a huge crowd once again. Although the band is the same the whole atmosphere of the show changes, as with any performance, so it was actually a little strange in a sense.
Something that’s really nice about Rapalje is that my mother is a huge fan too. Seriously, their set was the thing she was looking forward to all weekend (although I’m converting her to a couple of other groups too!). It’s great to be able to share the music and the experience of seeing the group live with her and to have that interest in common. I was really pleased that they played Loch Lomond, which is haunting, as my mother hadn’t heard it live before, and also brought out the flaming bagpipes, again, because that was the first time mother saw them. I know I’m not really talking much about the band (I’ve done that before) but it’s because, for me, it’s not just the music but the people I’m lucky enough to share it with!
The other thing about Rapalje, that I mentioned briefly, is that they are really, really nice people. Meeting them after the show – what can I say, I had another painting to be signed – they are delightful. We spent quite a long time talking to William, in particular, and to David which was lovely. However, the fact is the four of them are down to earth, talented people and yeah, a wonderful show, as always.
After Rapalje we explored the site a bit more and stumbled across another one of Finvarra’s sets. Not going to go into detail as I’ve already written about them but I guess the fact that I originally intended to watch half their set and ended up watching two of them say says a lot about them as a band!
So that is the short, delayed, and badly written, summary of my festival!
I have a lot more  photos on my facebook page and the bonus is that you don’t have to read my ramblings there 😉

2 thoughts on “Castlefest review: Sunday

  1. Your RAMBLINGS? You write lucidly and honestly. It was nothing less than a pleasure to read this, and I can't be the only one who appreciates the good pictures as well. MH.


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