Sleep and relaxation

Okay, the title is wishful thinking, coming from the mind of a sleep deprived person, but there we go! My last post was only a couple of days ago but life’s busy enough that I’m able to write pretty often and easily find things to talk about.
The highlight of Thursday night:
Walking home with a dinosaur… in a hoodie.
Thursday evening was an open stage and awards night. It was the social summary of the introduction week but, to be quite honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to it that much. As it happened, it was an okay evening. There were some really talented people, some funny acts, but it was a bit chaotic and haphazard and I was generally tired and not really wanting to be there. I think, by that stage, I needed my bed, and some space!

Friday was a shorter day, with just an hour long tutor session on time management. The session ran over and we didn’t finish properly. The irony is not lost. Anywho, most of the other students tootled on off to their weekend away and I stayed behind. Hope they’re having a good time while I relax πŸ˜‰

I decided to use Friday afternoon for paperwork and admin, of which there is more than you could possibly imagine. I mean, think of all the things you would need to do to move abroad and then times that idea by four. It’s really surprising how much there is to do… but I digress. Finding that I needed to print one of the forms off, and lacking a printer, Maria, one of my penpals, kindly offered to print off the form for me and to bring it round.

She arrived at around four pm and then suddenly it was dark. It was the first time we’d met in person but somehow we managed to get on so easily that time just flew past without either of us noticing. It was so nice to meet her, finally, and to chat. I’m looking forward to seeing her again soon, I hope!

Today was a less impromptu meeting, with the lovely Annelies. She showed me round Amsterdam a little more, and showed me some lovely shops that were definitely my style. We then stumbled across the Uitmarkt which is a free festival thing, at the beginning of the season, with events and stands based around all the arts. It was great to explore some of the things that will be going on over the next few months (even if as a poor student I won’t be able to afford to go!!!) and it’s quite exciting. Annelies also trained me in the art of taking things that were offered for free πŸ˜‰

What can I say? The hats were free!

Events aside, we had a good day! Annelies is a really kind person and such good fun too so it’s great to get to meet up with her. It’s certainly been a good start to my weekend! As for how it will continue? Sleep and relaxation, of course! (*)

(*) Please note: “Sleep and relaxation” hereby means “filling in forms, doing grocery shopping, attempting to unpack the flat, and preparing for my first classes!”


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