Setting up

Wow, what a busy couple of days. I mean, I knew it was going to be busy but I don’t think you ever predict the chaos that will await.
The flight yesterday (was it only yesterday!?) was actually quite smooth. Checked in with no problems, no problems at the airport, flight actually flew… a lot better than we’ve had recently! Just before we flew I got a text from my Aimee’s little sister, Caroline, regarding her exam results. She’s done incredibly well, and got into the college she wanted to go to, and I am so proud. It was really good news to have as we got onto the plane. Good news greeted me off of it too as Aimee has got into graduate medicine and you have no idea how proud I am of her too. Well done to both the sisters… wow!
The problems started when I got to my flat and found out that my bank card, pin code, and authorisation code hadn’t arrived. It was a little worrying because the fact that all three were missing meant someone could have had full access to my account. Nothing we could do about it that night, however, so it had to wait to be sorted.
Today saw another mini crisis as Mediamarkt, the shop I was ordering my white goods from, wouldn’t let my card’s billing address be anywhere outside of the Netherlands. That meant that I couldn’t use my credit card as planned, although it’s fine in store, and, as my debit card hasn’t arrived, I was left in a little bit of a mess. Oh well, at least it’s saved me having to plan what I want to do tomorrow!
I also had to go to UvA to a Start meeting. Of course, the heavens decided to open just when I needed to set off and I ended up walking through the red light district in a thunderstorm (and back again). The meeting itself wasn’t all that useful for me but it gave me my ID card and it wasn’t too hard! Oh, and the minute I got back to my flat the sun decided to make an appearance!
Once I returned, Thijs kindly helped me with the bank issue as the only number I had wouldn’t switch to English for me. It did for him. Technology hates me. Anyway, I was really grateful for his help, and tea, and it was lovely to meet someone from the university, face to face. We’d been speaking a bit online and get on quite well so it was also nice to meet him, of course!
The evening was spent continuing to attempt to get my room in a liveable state. It’s going slowly but I have carpet down (if a little wrinkled still as it’s not relaxed down yet), my desk, sofa, and bed. Tomorrow’s going to be a long old day but there we go! All exciting now!
The clock is on the wall even if I’m missing batteries!
Yep, this room is certainly mine!

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