Tascha time!!!!

Yesterday was a really exciting day for me as I met up with my dear friend Natascha. Tascha had planned to visit England, being from Austria herself, and I delayed my move in order to get to meet her once again. We last saw each other in Vienna where we spent a good few days exploring, and where we celebrated my eighteenth birthday together. If you can’t work it out from that I’ll clarify: We’ve not seen each other in way too long!
We met up outside Camden station in London and it was truly wonderful to see her again. Tascha is one of the kindest people I know and it really is a shame that we live so far. It was truly amazing to meet up with Tascha again and I am not even going to try and put it into words. Despite her protestations that her English had worsened (her English is great) we really did pick up where we left off and had a wonderful time. I was also lucky enough to get to meet her cousin,who I think is called Sabrina but I didn’t catch her name after the initial introduction so apologies if I am wrong!
Can you tell which of the cousins was sitting in the sun?
It was great to be back in Camden after a while of not visiting. The mazes of stalls, all full of clothes and items that I could quite easily integrate into my collection are all fun to explore. I maintain that the best way to explore the area is to simply walk and get lost in the markets. If you try to find something in particular it’s not going to work out quite so well! 
We also had a Turkish wrap thing off one of the street food stalls. Not only were the people on the stall lovely but the food was good too. Indeed, we’ve not had one of these pancake things (I forget the name and the stall just called the wraps) since my mother and I were in Turkey and sitting in a little tent. It was really nostalgic for me!
Of course, I never manage to show people around without there being some drama and this came in the shape of getting caught in the middle of a police chase. By this, I mean that the bloke who was running managed to hit me in the head with something as he went past. Nice couple of hours of dizziness (sorry to Tascha and Sabrina who had to look after me!) and a lovely bruise forming today. Not complaining because, seriously, these are the events that make the best stories for the future!! It was really funny though as one of the stall holders came over to clarify that this wasn’t what England’s normally like, bless him!
By this time, it was about time for us to part anyway as The Visitors had tickets for The Book of Mormon and needed to go to theatre land! Can you tell I’m jealous? 😉
Tascha then really surprised my mother and I by giving us gifts that she had brought with her. My favourite, and that of my family, has to be the home made miniature bottles of schnapps with a little gnome on the bottle. Those feel so special and my bottle is going to take pride of place on one of my shelves in my new room no doubt. It was really sad to part, once again, and I simply hope that we manage to see one another soon, and, indeed, hope that both she and her cousin have a safe flight home on Thursday.
Of course, after a day like that, the journey home simply couldn’t be smooth… The car broke down, having been serviced the day before, and we were stuck for about three hours on the M1 – luckily we got to a service station. That said, the drama of the day really brought people out of themselves. Stall holders who came to check I was okay earlier in the day, the men who stopped to try and help with the car, the gentleman and his family who  lived locally and said that we could go to his if need be, the lady who gave us parking for free because it would have cost us twenty pounds otherwise, the cashier at the service station who came over and chatted for ages after his shift so we didn’t get bored. These kind of interactions only really happen in mini (or larger!) crises but don’t they remind you of the beauty of humanity. If only we all came out of our shells a little more and showed each other the love that we have inside, and if only society allowed that to happen.

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